16 Aug 2006

St George West Matters!

Update 2014: Just found out an old hero Emmeline Pankhurst was a self centred misandrist. It turns out she was involved in the white feather campaign guilt tripping young men to go off to war and die in their millions. What I said below, I take it all back. We live and learn, but I will leave my old views as a record. And that's not all. Working with the conservatives exposed me to the reality of UK politics, Red, blue or yellow, I met them all. At this point you will not be surprised to know that all the funding for the cons came from one bankster, Milburn. There were bank manager councillors an Army reservist MP and a gay office overseer. Nothing against homosexuals, but knowing the layout helps you understand the outcomes. 

How bright eyed and hopeful I was that I could help to facilitate change from within and equal treatment for fathers and men and boys in general. In short, the whole thing is a sham that in no way reflects the needs of the majority, unless you are a bankster, an arms dealer, etc..

My advice today is DON'T VOTE for any lame stream primary colour party as it is, unbeknown to the majority, quite literally a vote against yourself.


I have lived here since 2000 and although there have been many improvements, I believe there is still so much that could be done to put our vibrant Bristol village on the map.

Some of you may already know me through my work, running my own local small business and as I am often in our park with my two young sons. Many of you have already spoken to me about issues that concern you and the way the city council is being run. I can assure you that I am here to campaign for all St. George West residents regardless of your politics, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

As well as being a father of two young children who go to Greek school in Easton, I have campaigned at a national level for human rights and the opening up of the family courts. I have a personal knowledge of the conflict in the middle east at the moment as although I was born in England I still do have family in Cyprus. I am dismayed by the hostilities and the massive loss of and disruption of life regarding the current conflict in that region and would welcome your opinions.

I am very pleased to have been chosen by the local conservatives to stand for St. George West in next years local election. The history of this party which I personally connect with does, given that it has been the most prolific, necessarily include some of the greatest achievements of our country including interestingly the abolition of slavery.

I see the conservative party as, less bureaucracy, lower council tax, greater faith in the judgement of the individual and the pushing back of the nanny state and I think these are aspects of the party legacy that we can all live with. David Cameron clinched it for me basically because I feel that he has the potential to represent me. I feel connected with what I perceive to be, finally, the correct personality to go with the legacy.

I need to mention my strong support for the party's stance regarding the rights of children and their fathers. It is a stark reality for fathers that no other party is even contemplating validating the equality of fatherhood to motherhood using, in essence, the same sexist arguments used against women in the past. The deceptively widespread misery caused is a gaping wound at the heart of our nation. Emmeline Pankhurst is a hero of mine and I am proud to be a modern conservative. Interestingly, so was she!

After our seemingly pioneering park survey, your replies will now be presented to the parks manager as part of a city wide consultation on parks and open spaces taking place later in the year. I am planning to deliver your replies personally and any of you that would like to come along with me are welcome.

Thank you to all who have returned the survey. It was designed by myself along with some local children who use the play facilities, parents and others.

Our park has had its share of bad publicity lately and some of you have told me you are afraid to use it.
I believe that with the improvements that are being suggested, many more of us would feel safer and have more pride in this great local resource.

You are being forced by the Lib Dem council to pay a new local tax which none of us have ever voted for and will hit us all regardless of income. You are asked to pay for a green bin for recycling garden waste. This will especially hit elderly and elderly and disabled people and anyone who cannot do their own composting due to a lack of space.

I say, only up the road in South Gloucestershire the council is run by all three parties including the conservatives and they managed to introduced these bins without charging residents a penny, so why can’t Bristol? We are all in favour of recycling so instead of threatening people with court action, why not give a REDUCTION in council tax for those of us who do more recycling?

You could be missing out on saving £1,000s!
From April 2005 the government started levying large companies to fund rate relief for small business. If your business premises has a rateable value (RV) of under £15,000 you could qualify for 50% relief or even more.

To apply or get more information contact: BUSINESS RATES, PO Box 968 Amelia Court, Pipe Lane, Bristol, BS99 1ZG, telephone 01179250981, e-mail business_rates@bristol-city.gov.uk or even easier just get in touch and I will put an application form through your door.