18 Aug 2006

The Proposed Bus Route Alterations

(Consultation deadline August 31st) We are all in favour of improving public transport BUT, how many speed humps, parking restrictions and no turning orders do we actually need if any? The proposed alterations to the bus route that goes right through our ward from Easton to South Glos will directly affect many of our local streets. Customers of our local businesses will not be able to park casually for short periods, neither will delivery vans. Please continue to send your views to the director of planning, Bristol City Council or you can also send them to me and I shall make sure that the council receives them.

We say, speed humps on Church Road? NO! What about ambulances, infirm bus passengers and damage to our cars? What is your opinion? I shall post the letter that I handed in at the bus route office opposite Tesco on Church Road (where you can go to view a large scale map of the proposal) for the July deadline in comments for anyone who is interested. I have spoken to many on this issue and it is clear that most residents and shopkeepers are against many aspects of the proposal.

'I support the local businesses and residents who believe most of the proposed changes will be detrimental to their business and our area.'

It is also clear that although we rant and rave privately, many of us do not actually put pen to paper and state our views. There are effectively millions earmarked for improvements to our highroad. Please, let the council know what you think and help to make sure that money is spent in a way that will truly benefit the area!