2 Sep 2006

THE "2006" St George West PARTY in the park

We hope this is the beginning of an annual event to promote the interests of our park. Send your pictures of the party for posting here. Thanks to Body English and all contributors.

All the preparation doesn't stop us having fun. Weather permitting.

We have to say it was a good day... Thanks to the many more people to who did our survey on the day, it's getting big and we are now getting a far clearer picture. I think we should soon be able to post feedback on the main issues and most wanted changes. Remember, we have sparked of a citywide action by the council and so our survey will be handed to the parks manager as part of this so please continue to send your suggestions or post them right here.

Update: 14th of January 2007
Look what they did to our blog art. We like the colour though. If they were only as judicious at keeping our park in order and up to date.