24 Oct 2006

Kensington Road Residents Association & Neighbourhood Watch

The association was formed two years ago with the aim of supporting and celebrating our community. We have our own mission statement that aims to address any issues that affect our community and the residents who live in the road. The overall aim is to support each other and improve the quality of life and our environment.

We maintain the timeless values of being friendly, polite and being good neighbours. We meet regularly to discuss any issues that arise and aim to work in close partnership with the Police, the Council and any other relevant agencies, in order to represent the needs of all the residents who make up our lively and diverse community. All meetings are informal, but we take minutes and maintain an agenda. I regularly produce news letters which are circulated to all the residents to keep everyone up to date.

Earlier this year in 2006 we were awarded the Neighbourhood Watch Award from Avon & Somerset Constabulary, (Urban category) and I was awarded the coordinators award. When I received the award from the Chief Constable I was proud to do so on behalf of the whole community, as it recognised our team efforts.

We are currently addressing two main issues of concern, our connecting footpath and the replanting of the trees on our road. (Please check the comments attached to this post for more information.)

On a personal level, (and the following views are not intended to reflect those of our residents group,) what is now evident to me is that the councillors are refusing to work cooperatively and collaboratively for the sake of our city and its residents. There seems to be a total lack of vision for Bristol and our area. Bristol council in my view needs a good shake up, and the councillors and officers need to realise that they are working for the city and its citizens, and that they are charged with considerable responsibilities, but are privileged to represent such a lovely city. Sadly, it is declining rapidly and they need a wake up call.

I was born 57 years ago and raised in St. George, and have lived in the area and worked in Bristol all my life. Until my retirement two years ago I was a Primary Head teacher. I have seen our city and St George decline over many years. It has fantastic potential, but needs the support of a Councillor with vision and a dynamic approach to tackling the issues of concern that affect us as residents in this area of St. George.

For me, it is so refreshing to hear from Angelo, and his vision for the area. As an addition, he lives in St. George and really knows the area and has clearly demonstrated that he wants real changes and positive improvements but also he takes a "hands-on" approach.

We rarely see or hear from our elected Councillors (except when elections are on the agenda or when we contact them with concerns) and they are certainly not high profile in my view.

Come on Bristol we can do it!

The motto for the city used to be "Ship - shape and Bristol fashion " Its time to clear the decks of Bristol City Councils clutter and sail with real pride and vision.

Other cities are leaving us in the docks!!

Grenville Johnson. Secretary Kensington Road Residents Association & Neighbourhood Watch.

Down Your Street

Dragons Walk Footpath:

A disabled resident of Ventnor Road told us that because of trees overhanging the lane that links Ventnor with Holmes Hill Road she had to walk the long way around. It was impossible to pass as we found it.

Having reported it to the council and seen no response after three weeks we took positive action and trimmed it back ourselves.

We find it to be unacceptable that a public footpath was allowed to become impassable for months on end for the sake of 15 minuses of work with a hedge trimmer.

The tenants news letter ‘Inside Housing’ recently explained that until now, the council have not had a co-ordinated way of maintaining all the trees on land managed by neigbourhood and housing services. They have now teamed up with Culture and Leisure Services to look after the 15,000 trees on public lands in Bristol.

If you have concerns about trees around you, either contact me or call council officer Jonathon Pattison on 0117 9664605.

Fly-tipping that we have reported:
Naseby Walk, Albert Grove South and Plummers Hill (Pre-fab estate) as well as the lane between Kensington Road and Battenburg Road see upcoming post about ‘The Kensington Road Residents Association’ that is campaigning to improve the street and clear up this lane. There is an appalling amount of fly-tipping around the ward, is it my imagination or has the tipping increased since the two weekly rubbish collection?

Street Lighting issues we have reported:
The lack of street lighting and an uneven path at Sycamore Close which is a hazard especially for the elderly and disabled people living along it and a streetlight on Beaufort Road which was reportedly obscured by overhanging trees from the cemetery.