28 Feb 2007

Bus Route Consultation Shambles

Update: August 29th 2007
The council Finally publish the new Traffic Regulation Order for the new bus lanes through St George. Here it is for your information.

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UPDATE: 31st July 2007
. More traders in Old Market say they may have to close because of the bus route. See also 'TAKE FIVE' for the opinions of traders in Old Market and Beyond.

After 2 years of so called 'consultation' (so our MP Kerry McArthy claims) the residents of Barton Hill are still unhappy about the no right turn into Ducie Road. I recently delivered the information leaflet below to residents and traders in the area. I understand that the Barton hill settlement have stated in the press that they will support any protest about this 'Traffic Regulation Order' which effectively cuts off Barton Hill and I hope that they will 'put their money where their mouth is!'

NO RIGHT TURN into DUCIE ROAD from Lawrence Hill, from Aug 17th ~ TRO published in Bristol Evening Post July 23rd ~ Anyone objecting to this order has until AUGUST 30th 2007 to apply to the High Court. ~ “The residents of Barton Hill are still unhappy about this change, which proves that the 2 years of so-called consultation have been an expensive sham.” ~
Angelo Agathangelou, St. George West Conservatives ~ to see the history of the campaign against the worst aspects of the bus route by residents and traders, visit: wwwstgeorgewest.blogspot.com

The Original Post:


These were the questions I presented to the councils planning department on January 30th regarding the general feeling towards the so-called consultation about their proposed changes to our existing bus route.

I will keep you posted with their replies!

1. We (over 2000 residents and traders who took part in the consultation) feel that the consultation has been a whitewash. What exactly did you mean by consultation bearing in mind that your ‘statement of community involvement’ is supposed to state that ‘the community must have confidence that its views will influence planning decisions, from the very beginning of the process, right through to the end.’ (Quote, the civic society bulletin April 2006)

2. Do you accept that your own summary of the first phase of consultation clearly shows that 90% of the respondees were objecting to your plans and should this not influence at least 90% changes in the direction of views and comments?

3. Did any one else bother to quantify the loss of residents parking and if so, what figure did they come up with and for which specific area?

4. (Personal allegations against council officers.)
5. (Personal allegations against council officers.)

6. Why was St George East not consulted nor furnished with a map showing their portion of the bus route?

7. Why did the map that was published not show the new proposed double yellow lines and build outs at Kensington Road and Glen Park Road? And do you accept that this means that the residents of these streets were not consulted?

8. (Personal allegations against council officers.)
9. (Personal allegations against council officers.)

10. Why has the City Academy never been consulted about the HGV diversion past its gates, (clearly stated as answers in the councils own report to questions by local businesses)?

Summary: Given the overwhelming evidence in your own report, given the overwhelming evidence of the massive public opposition, will you not just go ahead with the changes we all welcome such as better bus shelters with electronic information, build ups, pedestrian crossings, improvements to traffic lights and car parks and scrap plans for ANY loss of residents parking, dedicated bus lanes, no turning orders and further speed restrictions through the area from Lawrence Hill through St George to the borders of St George East?

I am the only candidate in this election that has spoken out against the detrimental effects to our residents and traders, indeed ironically (but standard as far as I am concerned) I have been told that I am the only candidate who has supported the 'Labour Club' on Church Road over the loss of most of their parking.

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