2 Jan 2007

Physical Environment Scrutiny Commission on 30th of January

Re: The so-called showcase bus route.

Just to let you know that the ‘Physical Environment Scrutiny Commission on 30th of January’ is our next step and the appropriate forum to help our City Cabinet to recognise some of the shortcomings of their so-called consultation that seemed to us more like a white wash.

Please feel free to write your statements ‘for the attention of the Clerk of the Physical Environment Scrutiny Commission'. Thanks to those of you who have already done this (check this postings comments section). Please e-mail your comments to me at angelo@stgeorgewest.com

Our comments will be submitted with a new 5 min video. All suggestions are welcome.

Would you like to make a comment on our video?

We will update with the address of the venue for the commission soon. Check for future updates as this issue is live!

Update: 31st January
Click on the PLAY button to see the video part of our presentation to the Physical Environment Scrutiny Commission.

The proof of the pudding shall be the replies to our questions and whether or not the authorities open a dialogue as was properly suggested at the meeting. I shall keep you up to date and add to this post soon.