12 Jan 2007

They rolled out the BIG GUN!

So, we get together as a community, produce a petition and put over 1200 of our names on it, not to mention many other great local individuals like Steve of ‘Stuff’ who has made enough publicity for all of us and Paulette of ‘Jones the Bread’ who collected another 500 signatures herself and so on and so forth.

Despite the overwhelming public opposition, our MP Kerry McCarthy chose to attack our campaign in print in the Evening Post. Shame!

You can read her letter and my ‘right of reply’ that was published a few days later in the comments section of this post, for those of you who only read the EP for the football!

We presume that bearing in mind that she is our MP and that our current local councillors are also labour party and profess they care, that our area will NOT be blighted with some of these calamitous proposed changes!

Oh but of course, let us not forget this whole thing was planned and funded by them in the first place. Well that’s labour spin for you.