14 Apr 2007

“Monitoring the Situation”



Update: Monday July 9th 2007
Yet more traffic chaos promised for St George! With the opening of the bus route only two months away, the council published today the daily closure of Crews Hole Road, due to road works for up to 18 months and guess where they are going to send the traffic in stead, up Troopers Hill Road, Air Baloon Road, Summerhill Road, Church Road and Blackswarth Road! Great timing guys, Bristol City Planning Dept. strikes again!

It seems that nothing escapes the eagle eyes of my team!

Siemens number plate recognition cameras (same as in central London) warn us of Lib Dem council cabinet’s stealth move toward road pricing in St George! - We all know that the timetable for this for ‘Road Pricing’ is set for after the completion of 5 ‘showcase bus routes’. - After the Evening Post aptly described us as spearheading the campaign for improvements to Dennis the Menace’s (Lib Dem who lives way across town) farcical ideas for our high street, many of you have been in touch regarding various deeply concerning and various issues from up and down the route, including the £30,000 monstrosities that have recently appeared (those inverse L posts that hang traffic lights over the middle of the road) on our Victorian high street.

It is clear that little thought has been given to the impact on local residents and traders. - It’s the little things too! - Giaccomo has been one of our local barbers on Church Road for over 35 years! After recent changes to the pavement, the shop now becomes flooded when it rains causing a hazard to staff and customers alike! - A disabled resident living on Church Road is losing his parking bay, an issue we had feared and raised from the beginning. - I can report that ‘The Menace’ has informed us through one resident that he now agrees that the stretch between Blackswarth / Chalks and the fountain on Church Road is too narrow for a red 24 hour bus lane strip. - On this information we walked down to our friend Steve’s shop ‘STUFF’ and measured the width there… 6 inches narrower!!! Barely 9 meters across! - It would seem then that we should not be having an unnecessary red strip on our high road either.

We are all pretty sick of the roadwork on Church Road. We would cope better with change, if we thought that the final product would do us proud

If we are to have the best chance to reverse these menacing follies, I am your man for the local councillor election for May 3rd. I do not want to see the loss of one more parking space from our side streets.

To those who find it odd that whilst we have 2 labour councillors, I am the one fighting for the ‘Labour Club’ to save their parking on Beaconsfield Road, get over it! I stand for those living and working in St George, regardless of their politics.

On May 3rd

"Help me fight for St George!"

Angelo Agathangelou.