7 May 2007

Post Election Blues?


I feel humbled by the massive support and trust shown to me, my team and the campaign we ran.

The results for 2007 after only 10 months of campaigning speak for themselves.
Labour 1118 = 38%, Conservative 1077 = 37%
Lib-Dem 729 = 25%.

Compared to 2005 (general election higher turnout)
Labour 47%, Lib-Dem 28%, Conservative 18%, Green 7%.

Or 2003 Labour 1044 = 45%, Lib-Dem 525 = 23%, Conservative 438 = 19%,
Bristolian 182 = 8%, Green Party 135 = 6%

How do I feel, fantastic! I will continue to fight for our neighbourhood and its residents. (the excel charts above are actual and not spun! This is also true of the content of our newsletters and we think worthy of note.)

IS THAT IT? Is it hell.

We are local people (residents and businesses) who are outraged to one degree or another with the established administration (our Labour Councillors).

We have already achieved much on the ground and clearly stimulated and influenced local debate. We have only just begun.

I'll keep you posted of our activities. There are several burning hot issues to be resolved and the rest.

Thanks to all who voted for us, thanks to my family and friends for their support,
my agent and my team of traders and residents who you may have noticed outside the polling stations braving the cold from 7am. Thanks everyone.