10 Aug 2007

Friends of the Park "Vibe"

Friends of St George Park

Vibe in the park marked a milestone in the history of our park. This time last year, we had a stall for our park survey which had been designed by local residents and park users of all age groups. This year the Friends of St George Park (Started 19th July 2007) had a stall to raise funds and awareness for the future improvements needed (in case there is any confusion 'Friends of St George Park' is not a conservative group, it is completely independent and made up of local residents).

It's not all talk either, local people have given of their time and braved weather to make this happen and for example 'Friends of St George Park' now have a photographic record of all benches in need of repair. Local people are beginning to hold those responsible to account.

I know that those who attended the Vibe on the 9th of September felt that change and improvement were clearly afoot.

We have so many local talents, in fact everything we need to make this happen is on our doorstep and it is happening now. Get involved, click on this text or the St George Park Link to your right for more information.