27 Apr 2011

Max Contra Greece

The fiscal situation in Greece laid bare (pre the televised riots) Goldman Sachs exposed a must see for Greeks, or anyone interested in the reality behind the government spin regarding the world economy. Very entertaining synopsis by Max Keiser and live phone ins by ministry and high finance officials.

1 Apr 2011

Cyprus and the MIC

Why has it seemed clearly better, given their actions, for Turkish or Cypriot governments or both not to have come to a truce and reverse of this now almost ancient conflict?

I hear the bickering couple routine but I feel sure that the roots are in military and resource strategic, possession, etc. arena.

OK, so the USA and Turkey are friends and now USA can use Cyprus which arch bish. Mac (foolishly with hindsight) had refused.

So now the Turkish state has a friend in the background (that friend of liberty and peace, the good old USA) who will ever support their land grab.

And their in lies their trump, the lack of international condemnation, they are too big to fail and whereas small usually refers to the individual (that can always fail) it is clear that it is possible to be a country that falls into the same category and Cyprus is a case in point.

In this context what has been the point of joining europe? What have been the benefits? what are the projected benefits?

Indeed what is the point of Cyprus as independent at all?

Given this, though 20 years ago I was suggesting saving all the money on weapons and paying Turkey to sort of buy it back (Yes I was criticized for the suggestion), today it seems logical to ask, why not make an agreement of self rule and join Turkey? That would reunite the island.

Just a thought. Of cource I would like to see the indigenouse Greeks and Turks left to manage their own affairs. I am sure that any lesson to warn against racial tension has been learnt many years ago.

In this context for Turkey, Cyprus, unified, a European state, would equel a whole lot more Turkish people becoming European throughout the back door. Perhaps missing a trick here and certainly a move to further thwack the ball into the court of skeptics regarding Turkey's entry into Europe.

Finally, as we in the south do have the privelage and burden of being in the Eropean union all the way, why do we not raise issue with the colonialists who still have large tracts of our limited land? Why do the British still not leave Cyprus? Do they pay rent? Have they been invited? I think they should leave and that this land should be aportioned amongs ex pat Cypriots and Greek North Cyprus refugees rather than used as a stagingpost for British war follies.

Does any
Greek Cypriot have a legitimate deed or claim a against this occupied Cypriot land?