30 Sep 2011


Thanks for the few who did click our survey. The results were clear. In answer to the question:


85% voted "Yes and prosecute any bankers responsible for negligence."
15% voted "Not enough. The social contract is broken, the people must revolt."
0% voted to keep bailing out the bankers. Bearing that in mind, 
I wonder what our government will do next.

Mainstream Media Lap Dancers v FKN NEWZ

We could not agree more with the implications of this report and furthermore we have confronted this issue head on with the "Bristol Evening Post". I complained to the editor about the complete misrepresentation of the grievances of the local people. After we had alerted the local newspaper to the issue, they proceeded to release a story which was not only factually incorrect but worse completely misrepresentative. I had remarked to the editor from memory something to the effect "Are you our local news paper reflecting the views of the people or just a mouthpiece for the council?" All this around a so called "government consultation" that actually turned out to be complete whitewash. Deek Jackson Gets it. Funny!

The Men Who Crashed The World Pt1

Tony Blair: “I just love banker cock!"

Libya: Civilian death toll & FKN NEWZ

This is a NATO war where the so-called rebels are an auxiliary force that has been incapable of even taking any ground on their own,” Flounders, from the anti-war group International Action Center, told RT. “This is overwhelmingly a war on civilians.”
Sirte is now without water, without food, without medical supplies, without operating hospitals,” Flounders said. Flounders believes that “NATO’s war” poses a great danger to the entire region. This is really an opening war into the region, and the idea that it has any humanitarian concern has never been on NATO’s agenda,” she said.From the beginning it has not only been a war for control and domination of Libya and seizing hold of the oil and also the enormous cash reserves… It has been a weapon against the Egyptian and Tunisian [revolutions] and what is called the Arab Spring.”
According to Naji Barakat, the health minister in the new Libyan government, at least 30,000 people were killed and 50,000 wounded in Libya’s six-month civil war.

update 1/10/2011

We have some reports that this information is correct. Please let us know if you have evidence for or against. Our information from other sources is that after several conferences and attempts to create an African gold backed currency by Qaddafi the US Fed got scared of the implications and instigated this false flag event to destroy Libya and that potential far more attractive possible alternate world reserve currency. We do not see it as wildly conspiratorial that the US Fed and a willing US M.I.C. would do this. We have seen similar uncovered many times before. The difference here is that if this was the paradise of Libya as portrayed in the film, they really destroyed something very beautiful and in many ways enviable. What have we let our politicians do?
The Source says...You`ll find it hard to believe,especially if you watch the telly a lot,but it is the truth!

29 Sep 2011

Elite EU Guilty Idiots Can't Handle The Truth

Further analysis: The European sovereign debt crisis which has been gestating for years seems ready to come to a head as the IMF met last weekend in Washington that were dominated by talks about Greece, debt, and the risk of global contagion.
Amidst tense talks about the future of the Eurozone in which the idea of allowing Greece to default on its insurmountable half-trillion dollar debt was floated, even the usually staid US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, warned that "cascading default, bank runs, and catastrophic risk" was a real possibility. G20 Finance Ministers and central bank governors are now calling for the European Central Bank to double their existing bailout fund to create a trillion Euro emergency stockpile to recapitalize European banks and fund Spain and Italy as their economies teeter on the edge of a Greek-like meltdown...
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2699

Greek Unions Capture Ministries

Greek civil servants opposing a new barrage of austerity cuts blocked a host of ministries on September 29, 2011, as senior auditors from the EU and the IMF were to begin a vital fiscal audit. The main banners read “occupation” and “not to the barbarian measures of the government.” (AFP PHOTO / Louisa Gouliamaki)(Source)

Bid for cannabis SUPERPOWER

Drug and agriculture officials have called for the revival of mass cannabis cultivation in Russia. They say the project has a plethora of benefits, from bringing cash into state coffers to curbing pot-smoking. The counterintuitive initiative from the body, which many Russians see as an overzealous watchdog eager to forbid anything with even the most tenuous link to drugs, including poppy seed toppings for baking, has much rationale behind it. Cannabis was one of the country’s most important agricultural products for five centuries. Russia exported hemp to all major European naval nations in the age of sail, when the water-resistant rope made of cannabis fibers was a strategic commodity on a par with iron and gunpowder. Cannabis is also a source of seed oil, livestock foodstuff, pulp for paper production and dozens of other products. However, after the Soviet Union joined the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs in 1961, strict regulations on cannabis cultivation were implemented and the industry was all but eradicated.Now, some officials say it is time to revive Russia’s position as a cannabis superpower. Among them is the head of the Federal Drug Control Agency, Viktor Ivanov, who has been acting as an advocate for the plant – best-known as the source of the recreational drug – at an anti-narcotics council on Wednesday. Click here for rt.com full story.

Wall Street Rules. It's War, Mace The Bastards!

Introducing Silver As Money In The UK

Dominic Frisby meets Mexican multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price at Claridges and finds out about his simple scheme to introduce silver as money in the UK (and globally) . Salinas also reveals why he thinks it is inevitable that the current global system of money will collapse ... 

Hugo Salinas Price: The destiny of mankind hinges upon gold (click to link to essay)

Immortal Technique v Robo Officer Bologna

Troika Prepare to Gut Greece

28 Sep 2011

UK Marching Banned - Police State Is Here

In response to the rt.com report, I can confirm that this blogger will go door to door is necessary to keep the people informed. The more obvious they become, the  

Alex Schaefer Burns Another Bank

This is his latest, Alex got over $25,000 for his last effort on e-bay. Hot topic!

Big Bernanke Is Watching You

Anonymous Occupy The Planet

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

Germany Slams 'Stupid' US Plans

Wake Up Mr Junker, Inflicting Misery On Millions!

Nigel Farage:Mr Juncker, as President of the Eurogroup, your detachment from reality is almost unbelievable. You're behaving like a political ostrich, pretending none of it is happening.You've just told us just a few moments ago that Greece fundamentally has no problems because she's a member of the eurozone. It's just deluded.And you wrote recently, that the euro's thirteen-year history is a success story. Well, it's a very odd kind of success, isn't it? And actually, saying that beggars belief and I think hardly makes you credible.I think it's about time that you and others in this room woke up to the fact that we are inflicting misery on millions of people; through unemployment, through poverty, through a lack of democracy, and that it's an error to try and keeping countries trapped inside the euro prison.The recent proposal is that Greece should write down her debt by 50% and remain a member of the eurozone. Surely, Mr Juncker if that happenes the same would happen to Portugal and Ireland too.Do you think it's possible for any member state of the euro to write down their debts and stay a member of the euro?Jean Claude Juncker:Mr President, I didn't say that Greece has no problems, I didn't say that. I did say that although Greece is a member of the euro area, Greece is in deep problems. So don't take it the way round that you can put the question you any way had the intention to put.Second point. I don't think that it would be wise and useful for the present euro area to take part in all kind of speculation of the nature of those you were mentioning in your question. The second question was linked to my credibility, as far as I understood. I prefer mine to yours.Nigel Farage:Very good, Mr Juncker. Interesting. Well, on this very point of credibility you yourself said back in April that when things become serious you have to lie. That is what you said back in April. And it seems to me that things are pretty serious and that frankly everything you say is a lie. The euro cannot and should not be held together under its current construction and it's about time you admit it, you and all of you in this room: you've got this wrong and countries like Greece need to be set free.Juncker (through interpreter):President, you've just quoted a newspaper, which wasn't even British - it's a German newspaper - saying that when things get tough we have to lie.Perhaps I should actually quote what I said in the language of the newspaper which you've referred to. The quotation was correct to some extent, but taken out of context.In Brussels I was speaking to the pan-European Movement - these are people who believe in Europe - we have to speak to them sometimes as well.In previous years, back in the days when I was a finance minitser, every few months there was talk about valueing or devalueing currencies in the European currency system. So back then we often used to meet on Sundays for example or just about before the markets closed and at such times it was so difficult for us to tell the truth. However the mistake I made was that by trying to be honest I actually used a form of words which paved the way to your supplementary question.

Basically Junker admits his arrogance and 
in white collar speak he also admits he is a lier.
My question is, Why is Mr Junker NOT in Jail?

Can Countries Default On Their Debts?

Channel 4 "You Stink"

A message to Channel 4 from the UK Web community.

Every time you bar the UK public from blog content we want to see and especially as the USA and other may see it, It is building up a feeling that "4" is anti it's own UK viewers. Whilst you fob us of with lame legal excuses, the fact remains what you are doing is wrong. 

Do what you will with our message, we will find ways to watch a favorite show that usually appears on any of yours through other means, but we shall not watch your network until we may view web content in blog articles posted by our fellow web folk and available to the rest, which is currently restricted to us in the UK. 

You have become like our politicians, disconnected, inhuman, we don't trust you, we are beginning to recognize that you are either asleep or corrupt. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
P.S. The world is frankly in deep shit, whilst those that might use platforms like yours to discus what we might all do to fix it, baring the UK public from watching is actually to any rational mind treasonous. Perhaps not actually in law but certainly in spirit. 
Interestingly, additional: THREE FORMER BOSSES of Channel 4 yesterday launched a scathing attack on the broadcaster, saying it screened 'crap' programs.
They said Channel 4 had lost its integrity

26 Sep 2011

Goldman Sachs Rules The World

"The governments don’t rule the world. 

Goldman Sachs rules the world.

Prediction: Within 12 months the savings of millions will vanish!

Put Jamie Dimon in cuffs!

Your Leaders Are Selling You

Fiat Money

Interesting additional news of the moment:

Christine Lagarde has signalled that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) may have to tap its members – including Britain – for billions of pounds of extra funding to stem the European debt crisis. (Click here for the full story from the Telegraph)

25 Sep 2011

Occupy Wall Street Is Getting Ugly

This YouTube video has begun making the rounds online. The police are faced with a wall of protesters and separate themselves by an orange mesh barrier. The women who end up on the ground, pepper-sprayed and blind, seem to have been just standing there. Their screams seem to make even the police question their actions.
While on a peaceful march near Union Square in downtown Manhattan, multiple female protestors were penned up in the street by orange mesh baricade, then maliciously maced.
The women were peaceful and unarmed. They were secured by barricade with an overwhelming police presence. And they were then sprayed directly in the face with pressurized mace...
WeAreTheOther99 continues to peacefully occupy Lower Manhattan to begin a dialogue with the Top 1% with the goal of a peaceful transition of power back to the People. 
This can no longer be stopped. But be advised, this will not be televised...
rt.com reports that "Some 80 people have been arrested in lower Manhattan as the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” protest enters its second week. Police have been harsh in quelling the rally. However, not much of their violence is being reported by the mainstream media."

Students Interrupt Live News To Demand Truth

Dozens of students interrupt live news in Greece and demand truth about economy & protests be told.

It is reported that "a team of 50-60 students, invaded a little after 9 p.m. in the central news studio of NET, interrupted the bulletin. They wanted they speak for the situation that prevails in the HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS and the economy and protested for the way that the channel covers their mobilisations." "We Break the Wall of Silence" was their banner. Powerful police force existed from outside from the studios of NET it is reported at http://www.enet.gr/?i=news.el.article&id=312775

In her statement tonight the administration of [ERT] HM reports:
Tonight team of students interrupted the central bulletin of news of NET at 21.00, asking her projection of demands. The [ERT] HM respects the all opinions and the mobilisations of workers, students and other social teams and appears their places through the Bulletins of News and the informative emissions. However, the Public Radio-television is categorically opposite in energies that are turned at the holy right of Greek population in the briefing. In any case, in the frame of journalistic deontology, the [ERT] will advance of all sides. (Please excuse the rough translation or check the original)

CNN Wants This Video Banned (SEE WHY)

The sooner we realise that the situation is no different for us in the UK and the rest of Europe with the BBC, the sooner we might be able to stop the damage being wrought by a marriage that is the very definition of fascism "the marriage of private bankers with our politicians." Did we vote for fascism in the UK?

No Democracy in the UK!

What type of democracy is it where the citizens are educated not to understand the economy or the law on which they are supposed to vote and influence? An oligarco-bank-ocracy?
What type of democracy is it that preserves the rights of the few, superstars and financial pharmaceutical company backers, generally the super rich 0.01%, with patent laws allowing the taxpayers (the rest of us) to be literally extorted by staggering amounts for the tiniest quantities of minerals often worth pennies? A National Hasten us to our death and financial ruin Service-ocracyocracy?
What type of democracy, instead of printing its own money for free, has allowed private individuals to set up a bank and pretend it is part of the government, like the "Bank of England" and "The US Federal Reserve" (convincing names are they not?) and then allows that group of private bankers and their progeny in perpetuity to have the sole right to print our currency and then sell it back to the rest of us with interest? A fucked-ocracy.
What type of democracies result in governments around the world printing money in a race to see who can hoist debt to the furthest generation down the line from the present as if it were some kind of bleeping competition? 
No real democracies at all would act like this. Puppet democracies that are ruled by a very select few at the top who have over centuries engineered and ended up with all the cash as is quite natural for us all to wish to do. No conspiracy. It is just where we have ended up.
So they have got away with it since kings and many queens too and so on Rothchild's blah blah until today. What to do? Their necks are no thicker than ours. We have, as my main man Stefan of Freedomain Radio might say, "only to see the farm to be free of it."
When the people decide, the heads of those that were once all powerful are easily lopped and their wealth redistributed and their wrongs corrected.
We need a few good ones to lead. And it is my fear that they have conspired to hoist us with a society were we are ill equipped with good ones to do so. We are tied and waisted by their red tape. We need to demonstrate on mass. We are long overdue a revolution in the west. It is time for us to snap out of the coma into which we have fallen and demonstrate on mass to reverse this disastrous situation.
May I suggest that we used to have a certain reverence for eccentricity in the UK which was the hight of wisdom. Alex Jones is a good nutter, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are also smart and good nutters and there are many more that have appeared out of the woodwork. None have it all right but there is a consensus on the obvious idiocy pointed out above. These are the people of the hour.

9/11 Poll: Public Awakens to WTC Hoax

24 Sep 2011

Fox freaks after Ron Paul wins debate

Ron Paul wants to get out of these wars overseas, he wants to bring the soldiers back, he wants to cut the bloated military budget, he wants to change some of the anti-civil liberty provisions in the Patriot Act, he hates corporate welfare and all these bailouts of Wall Street crooks.
If you’ve noticed a lack of Ron Paul in the mainstream media’s coverage of the 2012 presidential race, it might not be an accident. After he placed first in a Fox News poll, the outlet has removed the results from their website without explanation. Fox had launched an online poll to gauge readers’ opinions on last night’s Republican show-down and asked their audience, “Which GOP presidential candidate do you think won the Fox News/Google debate?” At one point Paul placed in first, with 30 percent of the votes, but a reader of Infowars.com has pointed out that the poll has disappeared from the website, or has been shuffled to another page far from the front of Fox’s political coverage. Logging onto the poll now produces an error in which the user is told “No content item selected.”.... 
on a light hearted note....

The Silver Futurist News

English Education Scam

They Tell us that results have never been better, yet the facts speak for themselves. English University graduates are often incapable of filling out simple forms say employers. If that is the level of our university educated these days, goodness only knows the level of our pre sixth formers. Another example of the effect of perceived free government money. This goes doubly for the NHS and the astronomical figures paid on medicines due to patent law, another load of horse bleep attempting to bottle the sun for the ownership of private corporations and individuals. More shame.

I was a complete sheeple once. We go mad in herds. I hope we are coming to our senses one by one at last.

Palestine statehood bid & SUCK MY VETO

Oh happy day! I am tearful with joy to see common sense at last prevail. To receive some news that actually makes sense for once. Abbas submits Palestine statehood bid, gets ovation at UN.  Do we believe this common sense will translate to action? History says, NO. As the rest of the world cheers, the USA continues to threaten that it will veto. What a bunch of... expletives are too good for them... Shame on the USA.

22 Sep 2011

US gets Ahmadinejitters

Good Old Days Banned

Sign of the Times. Father Jumps

A father whose payments for his disabled child had been cut by the Romanian government leapt from a balcony in the parliament in protest against the decision. He was not seriously injured. A loud thud reverberated in the chamber after the man, Adrian Sobaru - identified by the country's public television station as one of its engineers - hit the benches shortly after Prime Minister Emil Boc greeted the lawmakers. As he jumped, he could be heard shouting: 'Boc, you've taken away the rights of our children'. Mr Sobaru, who suffered fractures to the face, and other non life-threatening injuries, was able to get into the parliament because he works as an electrician for the national television station. He then shouted "Liberty and Justice" as he was taken to hospital. He was also wearing a T-shirt with the slogan 'You've killed our future', according to reports.

China's Bubble Hitting The Wall Now

JIM CHANOS: China's Property Bubble Is Hitting The Wall Right Now

On how a Chinese property bubble will play out:

"I think that will be the surprise going into this year, and into 2012 - that it is not so strong. The property market is hitting the wall right now and things are decelerating. The CEO of Komatsu said last week that he is having trouble getting paid for his excavator sales in China. Developers are being squeezed. They're turning to the black market for lending, this shadow banking system that is growing by leaps and bounds like everything in China.
"Regulators over there are really trying to get their hands around the problem. In the meantime, local governments have every incentive to just keep the game going. So they will continue with these projects, continuing to borrow as the central government tries to rein it in."

Tanks, Where Ever Bankers Go

"Where Ever Bankers Go Tanks Follow"
Max Keiser: In a war. And losing

Moment of Reno Plane Crash