11 Oct 2011

Babylon's Banksters and Capitalism Collapse?

'Cash grab system cannot survive storm'

There is barely a corner of the globe that has not been touched by the current financial meltdown. But a senior sociology scholar at Yale University thinks the crisis is far wider than the economic crash - it is capitalism itself which is collapsing. ­Immanuel Wallerstein explained his theory to RT. 
Angelo: Does the penny drop? Born around 1970? Your whole confused life in hindsight, generation X are born into the chaos of a new era. The cusp of 500 years. Heightened personal insecurity is hardly surprising in the circumstances. The grey matter has been working overtime, just for you. Then imagine the shift for their parents, the baby-boomers. Could a biblical analogy be that the boomers are like ancient Egypt, X are Moses (they will never see the promised land) and the next group, let us call them the "chosen ones" are the ones who may see the promised land. It is appropriate that we do not conclude today. 

Dr Farrel highlights the historical nature of Bankers destroying economies, he refers to his book called Babylon's Banksters.