30 Nov 2011

Nomi Prins on Derivatives, Bank Fraud and the Goldman Boys Club

European finance ministers were meeting today to try and avert disaster, while we've seen us president barack obama this week reportedly pressuring european leaders to resolve the eurozone debt crisis by whatever means necessary. Meanwhile, right under washington's nose, Fitch ratings agency has put the government on a negative outlook after the super committee tasked with finding ways to cut America's deficit proved a "super failure." Also, we speak with author and activist Nomi Prins about revelations from the bank of international settlements that notional OTC derivatives have now reached all-time highs of 708 trillion dollars. This is over 100 trillion dollars more than the notional amount 6 months ago. We also ask Nomi about recent revelations that then secretary of the treasury Hank Paulson provided inside information about the nature of the government's soon to be intervention in fannie mae and freddie mac to a select group of hedge fund managers and friends. Take this with the ever unfolding scandal of Jon Corzine and the missing billions from MF Global, and you have more signs of crony capitalism, fraud, embezzlement and insider trading everywhere. We also cover the bankruptcy of American Airlines' parent company AMR in the last part of our show. Source

Dylan Ratigan And Eliot Spitzer Go Off On Secret Fed Loans, MF Global, And The Citigroup Settlement

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan had former New York governor and New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer on his show last night.

During the program, the pair tore apart the Federal Reserves super-secretive $7.77 trillion bank loans, the MF Global debacle and the Citigroup/SEC settlement. 
Looking back, Spitzer said he wished he had handcuffed more Wall Streeters.
"No question about it. In retrospect, I wish we had put more people in handcuffs. I don’t mind saying it, because the banks didn’t learn the lesson," he told Ratigan. Sourc

General Hamid Gul: The Sum of All Fears

Alex talks with retired Pakistani Army three-star general Hamid Gul about the situation in Pakistan following NATO airstrikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. Pakistan has also issued a demand that the U.S. stop running drone strikes out of the Shamsi airbase located in the Balochistan province. Gul served as the Director General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Source

Expect more global action on European debt crisis, says Bove

Rochdale Securities analyst Richard Bove says today's massive liquidity boost will be the first of many steps to solve Europe's debt woes. He adds the action is linked to S&P's banking downgrades. Source

Milos Dedovic - "Prices Doubled Every Day and a Half"

Subscribe to Conversations with Casey for free: http://bit.ly/Casey_Daily At the Casey Research/Sprott Summit When Money Dies, Milos Dedovic, of the Serbian-American Chamber of Commerce, spoke with David Galland, Managing Director of Casey Research about his experiences with the hyper-inflation in then Yugoslavia.

Marc Faber "Inflation is much higher than the FED and Co. Is Telling You"

Americans face arrest as war criminals under Army state law

What do you know about drones? You know drones — those robotic, unmanned planes that fire missiles for the American military across Afghanistan, Pakistan and anywhere else the United States needs to get away with murder.
Well if you don’t know too much, don’t worry, that’ll change soon. The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into rules that will bring the controversial aircraft into the country, creating an United States airspace buzzing with tiny, robot planes to look over every inch of American soil — and maybe more. Source

Sen. Rand Paul Defends American Citizens 

Against Indefinite Detainment

"America will be destroyed from within"
America is opening up a new warfront and it’s in your own backyard. It’s in your neighbor’s house, it’s three states over and it’s on the other side of the Mississippi.
That’s what a new legislation could lead to and the consequences are dire and constitutionally damning.
The United States Senate is set to vote this week on a bill that would categorize the entire USA as a “battlefield,” allowing law enforcement duties to be dished out by the American Military, who in turn could detain any US citizen as a war criminal — even coming into their own home to issue arrests. Source

Euro Collapse Set To Hurt Britain - Prof. Keith Pilbeam

Public sector workers in Britain are about to take part in the biggest strike the country has seen in decades. Interview with Keith Pilbeam, professor at the City University London

Economic Marshall Law Immanent in Q1 2012 - Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente Endorses Ron Paul For President Source

Morris Rant - Making Zombies with Darwin, Alcohol & Genocide

Absolutely everything we are asked to believe is a load of rubbish - Unfortunately, as we buy into modern media made culture, we also become impervious to reality and the hardships we are collectively dishing out. Source

Secret Fed Loans & Slinky School of Economics

Max Keiser discusses √úberdebten, financial eugenics and secret Fed loans.

Russian arms in US backyard: Back in Cuba

Russia has launched a military partnership project with its Cold War ally Cuba, amid rising tensions over US plans to deploy an anti-missile system in Europe.

Russian contractors are to supply production equipment for manufacturing 6.52-mm rifle rounds, Kommersant daily reports. Cuban arms plant called Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara will also receive a license and technology for recycling used ammo. The daily cites its sources as saying that Havana officials decided to purchase the equipment after visiting a similar production line in Venezuela. The insider did not reveal any details on the financial terms of the future deal, but said it was close to being sealed. Russian arms producers further hope to win a contract for upgrading the whole ammunition plant in the future. It was built in late 1970s early 1980s with the help of Soviet specialists. 
The United States are maintaining a decades-old trade blockade of Cuba. Russian companies, which would supply military equipment there, risk sanctions by the US.
Communist Cuba was a major ally of the Soviet Union during the Cold War era, with an estimated gross value of arms supplied to Havana reaching $16 billion. The USSR delivered tanks, Mig fighter jets, helicopters, rocket air defense systems, submarines, small arms, communication equipment among other things. The close military collaboration resulted in the most serious tension of the period, when Moscow deployed its missiles on the island in response to a similar move by the US in Turkey. The collapse of the USSR and the economic perils new Russia faced weakened its trade and military ties with Cuba. In 2001 Russia shut down the radio reconnaissance base in Cuba, the last of its military facilities there. However in the late 2000s Moscow and Havana began to re-establish relations on many levels. In September 2008 two Russian strategic bombers carrying top Air Forces brass visited Venezuela. The aviation generals also visited Cuba and later voiced possible plans for renting and upgrading an air base on the La Orchila Island, which would allow Russian military aircraft patrol the Caribbean. Also in 2008, Russian Army generals visited Cuba to inspect its air defense forces. Possible upgrade of the old equipment and supply of spare parts was on the table. The moves were viewed by many observers as Russian response to the Bush administration plans to deploy an anti-ballistic missile system in Europe.
The news on the upcoming round production deal comes as Moscow and Washington are reaching new heights of tension over AMD system. The US refuses to provide guaranties that the system would not be used against Russia. Russia’s latest move in the row was to open a new early warning radar in its western exclave, the Kaliningrad Region. President Medvedev has also threatened deployment of short-range ballistic missiles capable of destroying American ABM facilities, should it be required. Source

Chris Hedges addresses Occupy Harvard

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges answers questions from the students of Occupy Harvard outside the gated Harvard Yard encampment in Cambridge

Chris Martenson's presentation at the Gold & Silver Meeting in Madrid

In this video Chris Martenson, economic analyst at http://chrismartenson.com and author of 'The Crash Course', explains why he thinks that the coming 20 years are going to look completely unlike the last 20 years. In his presentation he focuses on the so-called three "Es": Economy, Energy and Environment. He argues that at this point in time it is no longer possible to view either one of those topics separately from one another. Source

29 Nov 2011

Wikileaks and the Age of Transparency - Epilogue

In this edition of Epilogue, the book 'Wikileaks and the age of transparency' by political analyst and writer Micah L. Sifry is discussed. The book 'Wikileaks and the Age of Transparency' is an informed analysis of how technology has exposed scandals and truths about politicians.The Author Micah Sifry explains how governments will never prepare to face these leaks as they could do limited amount of damage control.The book also investigates how the true extent which the internet can be used as a useful tool to make the governments more accountable for their policies, judgments and actions.Although information leaked by the Wikileaks website is sometimes irritating to governments, there is sometimes no other way but to take this since people are now living at a time when freedom of information cannot be stopped. Source

The NATO-CIA Destabilisation of Syria is Under Way! - Dr. Webster Tarpley

On the Tuesday, November 29 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks about moves by the globalists to attack Syria as France trains "rebels" in Turkey and the Russians deny they have dispatched war ships to guard their interests in the Middle Eastern country. Historian and author Webster Tarpley talks with Alex about Syria, Iran and Pakistan.

NWO Puppets: 'Cold war & crusades never finished'

Russia's assessment of the cause of the Syrian unrest points the finger of blame firmly at an armed opposition. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also says it's time to stop dealing in ultimatums and get back to peace talks. A UN investigation earlier stated that Syrian forces had committed crimes against humanity in their brutal treatment of anti-government demonstrators. Almost 4,000 people have been killed after months of unrest. The EU is tightening the economic screws on the Syrian regime and is considering an arms embargo - something Moscow strongly opposes. For more RT talks to Peter Eyre, a Middle East Consultant, joining from Birmingham in the UK. "The cold war never finished the crusades never finished the arab league is a puppet... at the top of all this is a very strong zionist implication... they are the ones who fund the politicians."

Kleptocrats Go for Gold - Keiser Report

Lunatics for Italian gold and another failed debt auction in Germany. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Mark O'Byrne of Goldcore.com about the European debt crisis and Ireland's gold.

Iran Update: Six (Or Eight) UK Embassy Staff Taken Hostage: Iran Contra Redux?

Iran Update: Six (Or Eight) UK Embassy Staff Taken Hostage: Iran Contra Redux?

Tyler Durden's picture

Even more mysterious update #2:
Mysterious update confirming that something very fishy is going on here:
Today's developments are rapidly turning into a repeat of Iran-Contra:
Expect a very formal, and very forceful UK response imminently.
Once again - got Brent? Source

UK Embassy In Tehran Taken Over By Protestors, Building On Fire

Things getting ugly fast.
  • U.K. FOREIGN OFFICE AWARE OF REPORT EMBASSY IN IRAN BROKEN INTO -BBG                                            Source
Additional update:
Dozens of Iranian students have stormed the UK embassy in Tehran, chanting “death to England.” Before police intervened, protesters pelted the embassy with stones and petrol bombs, brought down the flag, and destroyed a pile of classified documents.

Reports by the Mehr news agency that six UK staff had been taken hostage when students raided a north Tehran diplomatic compound were withdrawn shortly after they were posted. No explanation was given for the report, nor its removal. Source

Bomb voyage: 600 Libyans ‘already fighting in Syria’

The Libyan government apparently wants to share its successful experience of overthrowing the Gaddafi regime with like-minded Syrians. It has sent 600 of its troops to support local militants against the Assad regime, according to presstitute media reports. Source

Russia launches new missile defense to cover Atlantic

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered operational the newest Russian radar system that protects from missile attacks and covers all Europe and Atlantic.
Medvedev personally arrived in Russia’s westernmost exclave of Kaliningrad and received a report from the Space Defense Troops commander that the radar station was fully ready for the launch. After this, the president gave the order to put the radar on combat duty.
At the ceremony Medvedev said that the radar launch was a sign to the Western partners that Russia was ready to promptly respond to threats that arise with the start of the European missile defense. "I expect that this step will be regarded by Western partners as the first signal of our country's readiness to appropriately respond to the threats posed by the missile defense system to our strategic nuclear forces," the Russian President said.
After the launch the president held a conference with top commanders of the Russian Military Forces. There he said that Russia was ready to listen to proposals on missile defense, but repeated that “verbal statements alone will not suffice."
If our signal is not heard, as I said on November 23 we will deploy other means of defense, including approving harsh counter-measures and the deployment of a strike group,” Medvedev said. If other steps are taken, we are ready to listen to them, but in any case, verbal statements alone will not suffice,” the president said. 
"When they tell us ‘this is not meant against you,’ I would like to say the following today – dear friends, this radar station that started its work today is also not meant against you. But it is meant for us and for the tasks that we set before us,” Medvedev said.
The Voronezh-DM station has been working in test mode for the whole of 2011. There were no technical failures over this period, Interfax news agency reported, quoting a source in the Defense Ministry. The source also said that the Kaliningrad station will be the third of its kind, with the first two already working in Leningrad and Krasnodar Regions.
With the effective detection range of 6,000 kilometers, the Voronezh-DM is processing the reports of missile strikes on military and civilian combat posts. The station is capable of working in connection with Moscow’s missile defense system.
The commander of the Russian Space Defense Troops, Lieutenant-General Oleg Ostapenko has said earlier that the new station in Kaliningrad would allow control of the entire European and Atlantic regions.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev last week said that Russia would strengthen its defenses and deploy missilesand anti-missile components to Kaliningrad as a reply to the US and NATO constant push towards creating the European Missile Defense system with components stationed near the Russian border.
Russia opposes the program, saying it threatens the balance of nuclear forces and demands legally-binding guarantees that the system will not be used against it. The Western side says the new missile defense it built against the threat from rogue states, but so far provided no such guarantees to Russia. Source

Gerald Celente: The Prestitutes are Out to Pillage All Accounts

The Banks do not have any money or Gold just a lot of hot air says trends master Gerald Celente , Alex Jones talks to Gerald Celente about an update from trends forecaster and author Gerald Celente on the theft of his money by MF Global. RJO & Associates robbed Gerald Celente 6 figures account , Gerald Celente sees Economic Martial law and Bank Run after the holidays, A bank run (also known as a run on the bank) occurs when a large number of bank customers withdraw their deposits because they believe the bank is, or might become, insolvent. As a bank run progresses, it generates its own momentum, in a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy (or positive feedback): as more people withdraw their deposits, the likelihood of default increases, and this encourages further withdrawals. This can destabilize the bank to the point where it faces bankruptcy. 

Rickards vs Roubini Twitter War on KWN

Rickards vs Roubini Twitter War on KWN link
Rickards "China, the next big thing."

Ron Paul's Plan for Monetary Freedom

Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, sound money, and a pro-America foreign policy. 

Ron Paul lays it out: "We know what to do - we did it once after the Civil War period, we went from a paper standard back to the gold standard, and the event wasn't that dramatic. Source

Ned Naylor-Leyland $2000 Gold Ounce in `Near Future' + Jim Rogers Favours Commodities

Ned Naylor-Leyland, investment director at Cheviot Asset Management, talks about the outlook for gold prices. He speaks with Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg Television's "On the Move." Source

Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, talks about his investment strategy. Rogers also discusses Europe's sovereign debt crisis, Federal Reserve monetary policy and the U.S. economy. He speaks from Singapore with Susan Li on Bloomberg Television's "First Up." Source

MUSIC REVOLUTION - Anti Patent Soul Rap - Occupy Pop Rave?

Miley Cyrus Rock Mafia - IT'S A LIBERTY WALK!

RJO & Associates Screws Celente Out of His Money

Alex also gets an update from trends forecaster and author Gerald Celente on the theft of his money by MF Global.

Panorama - Who's Getting Rich on your Money?

Uncle Obama Wants You! ... To Bail Out Europe

Uncle Obama Wants You! ... To Bail Out Europe

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Just the headlines. They speak volumes:

The Future of Jobs

by charleshughsmith: That the American and global economies are being transformed by the forces of globalization, demographics, and over-indebtedness is self-evident. What is less self-evident is the impact this transformation will have on the future of work, earned income, and financial security.
The key question an increasingly vulnerable workforce is asking is:What skills will be in demand once this transition occurs?
In order to answer this question, it's necessary to understand the macro trends that will shape the nature of employment in this new era. In our previous look at The Future of Work, we focused on the US economy’s dependence on debt as a driver of growth and found that debt saturation was correlated with declining employment. But there are many other long-term dynamics influencing the economy, and no survey of the future job market would be complete without considering these other factors. Full story/source

Eurozone to collapse in ten days?

Today President Obama met with members of the European Union to try to save the ailing Euro. The fear of economic collapse seems to be spreading, and Greece, Portugal and Ireland have been bailed out as of now. Now Italy and Spain are feeling the pinch. Is the end of the Eurozone near? Joe Weisenthal, deputy editor for Business Insider, tells us what could potentially happen to the Euro and the Eurozone. Source

28 Nov 2011

Occupy Fatherhood - Fathers Care Bears

MF Global Mastermind Corzine, Designed Obama's Economic Policy - Peter Schiff

Italian Job: Stealing 2,451.8 tons of gold with style

Cheated & Disowned: 'Greek 'tragedy' will take down rest of Eurozone'

Greek MP Simos Kedikoglou shares his thoughts with RT on what the future holds for a Europe struggling to contain its debt epidemic... Source

Bond Wars Continue - Gold and Silver News

MIke Maloney says, "Throughout the history of civilizations an epic battle has always been waged. This past week the battle was fought in the bond market. Gold was proposed as a possible solution. Source

UK on the brink of double-dip recession, warns OECD

The west's leading economic thinktank has warned that Britain faces sliding into a double-dip recession this winter.
(Angelo: "The west's leading economic thinktank"? Our humble website and its linked associates seem to be light years ahead of this lofty institution. Are we the vanguard?)
In disappointing news for George Osborne as he puts the finishing touches to Tuesday's autumn statement, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said output would fall in the final three months of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012.
The Paris-based OECD said it expected the UK to grow by 0.6% in 2012 as a whole but the two consecutive quarters of contraction fulfil the technical definition of a recession. In its half-yearly healthcheck on theglobal economy, the thinktank cut its growth forecasts for all the west's major economies and urged policymakers to take urgent action to prevent the contagion spreading from Europe's sovereign debt crisis. Full story/Source

“I am being prosecuted for not cooking the books,” Mr Georgiou told the Financial Times.

The head of Elstat, Greece’s new independent statistics agency, faces an official criminal investigation for allegedly inflating the scale of the country’s fiscal crisis and acting against the Greek national interest.
Andreas Georgiou, who worked at the International Monetary Fund for 20 years, was appointed in 2010 by agreement with the fund and the European Commission to clean up Greek statistics after years of official fudging by the finance ministry.
“I am being prosecuted for not cooking the books,” Mr Georgiou told the Financial Times. “We would like to be a good, boring institution doing its job. Unfortunately, in Greece statistics is a combat sport.” Full story/Source

US Demands Wikileaks Destroy Incriminating Files + Assange's Own Story

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has told a media summit that the US government has ordered Wikileaks to destroy all the material is has published on them and stop working with its sources in the government. 

“[When we released our documents] the Pentagon said we must destroy everything we published and were going to publish,” Assange said.  ”And if we didn’t, we would be ‘compelled to do so,’” the summit’s website says.
Assange made the allegation in the course of a speech made via Skype at the News 2011 Summit in Hong Kong. Reports say he is being forced by police to stop talking at the summit – exactly the kind of oppressive official action his work has been highlighting.  
He was met with a storm of applause from journalists as he appeared on the screen.
Julian Assange is facing extradition from the UK to Sweden on rape charges. His defense believes the extradition could lead to their client facing prosecution in America for his involvement in WikiLeaks.
News executives and media owners from over 80 countries have gathered in Hong Kong for the summit to discuss editorial principles and tools as well as business models for news media. The summit, which started on Sunday, will last for four days. Source

Assange's latest leak: his own story of how he fell out with 'backstabbing' press(titutes)

The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has launched a scathing attack on British journalism, labelling it the most "credit-stealing, credit-whoring, backstabbing industry" he has ever encountered.

The comments reveal the depth of distrust between Mr Assange and senior journalists at The Guardian newspaper, with whom he fell out over an agreement to publish thousands of secret US diplomatic cables alongside two other international newspapers last year.
The film, to be aired on More4 tomorrow, charts how a pact to publish the contents of more than 75,000 leaked US cables in a deal between The Guardian, The New York Times and Germany's Der Spiegel went interminably sour leading to bitter fallouts with all three newspapers. It comes as Mr Assange is still embroiled in a fight to avoid extradition to Sweden where he faces allegations of sex crimes. Senior judges will meet in London next Monday to decide whether an appeal will be heard by the Supreme Court. Unless leave is granted, it is likely that Mr Assange could be back on a plane to Stockholm by Christmas.
In the film, Mr Assange brands The Guardian's David Leigh as "deplorable" and retaliates at his colleague, Nick Davies, who brands Assange an "extraordinarily dishonest man". "One of the most extraordinary things about British journalism is that it is the most credit-stealing, credit-whoring, backstabbing industry ever encountered. And Nick Davies is part of that industry," Assange says.
As well as propelling Mr Assange to international stature, WikiLeaks sparked an international diplomatic crisis especially after the broken pact between the papers led to a further batch of cables alleged to include the names of Afghan informers, making them vulnerable to reprisals. In a rare admission in the film, Mr Assange conceded it was a "regrettable oversight" but the ultimate blame still remained with the US military and that information "should never have been included... and falsely classified".
The documentary, True Stories: WikiLeaks, also reveals the animosity he harboured towards The New York Times after it threatened to inform the White House of the contents of some of the cables.
He says: "Once a media group is powerful for long enough, it starts to enter into a relationship with other powerful groups, because other powerful groups seek its favour, seek to makes deals with it and the individuals who run it. It stops seeing itself as a group that holds powerful groups to account and starts seeing itself as part of the social network of the elite. That's why fundamentally mainstream media cannot be trusted." In his career as a computer hacker and internet publisher, Mr Assange has fallen out with numerous people who have worked with him. Source

CrossTalk on Bahrain: Forgotten Spring

The BICI report has accused Bahraini security forces of wrongdoing, but is the issue of the report enough justify the regime? Will the international community buy it? And will the opposition take it seriously even if some of the report's recommendations are implemented? Is Iran to blame for the unrest of the Bahraini people? Or is it another Arab Spring against corruption and injustice? CrossTalking with Mitchell Belfer, Kate Hudson and Peter Eyre. Source

Obama's Indefinite, preventative, detention ideas - Rachel Maddow

Angelo: What's that about the UK following in the USA's footsteps? Good forbid!

Ukrainian Topless Protests Go Global + It's Only Sexist When Men Do It

“We had staged a lot of protests against Berlusconi and his sexual adventures here in Kiev. And we are really happy his political career has finished,” activist Aleksandra Shevchenko told RT.
“Women from Italy came to us in Switzerland and said: ‘We know that you’re coming to Rome and will be staging protests against Berlusconi and the Pope. Thank you,’ they said, ‘for sharing our problems,’” Alexandra Shevchenko continued.“We understood that classic feminism no longer works,” Inna Shevchenko said. “It is, if you excuse me, impotent. But what we do brings the desired effect. That’s why not only Ukraine needs us, but Europe as well. We are planning to take over the world.”We receive lots of letters telling us to continue fighting religious injustice towards women, especially in Muslim states. That’s where we want to develop,” Alexandra Shevchenko told RT. We are even ready to go to Iran or any other Islamic state to stage our topless protests, knowing all risks it could entail for us.” Source

Wholesale misandry across the UK, corrupt all female 'social services' 'kangaroo courts' all in plain view, population brain washed, society feminized, Read:
Misandry is no myth.


Misandry In the UK - The father love that dare not speak its name


 It's Only Sexist When Men Do It