17 Jun 2011

Our Father

Our father, which art in, St. Frances Hospital for hypertension
Our father, which art in, jumpsuits and prisons, federal detention
Our father, which art in, dark bars and alleys, lethal injection
Our father, which art in, denial and delusion
This cannot happen again

The blindness of our society to the wholesale destruction of fatherhood in the west through the new millennium, past the fathers rights movement and into the future. Men do not make sympathetic media coverage, tests show societies bias yet nothing is done and we watch our society disintegrate and continue to allow it to be run by fools with foolish ideas which they impose.

For our part, most men are brain washed by recent history into taking all responsibility regardless of fault in a cultural game stacked against them, whilst the women are conspicuously absent from the discussion for selfish reasons. Why would they fight to alter a status quo so clearly in their favor that they can usually get away with murder and live with the expectation of being chased and the first to safety.

Den of inequity? Are we not aware that most families are disintegrating and
around 50% of the children will never see their father again due to this environment? In most cases it is not for the lack of trying. Perhaps, for the lack of yielding.

Have we all forgotten or not equated that inequality in any form is a mockery and a cancer for all society including the big end? Have they already begun to dope us up through the water supply? We recommend families Need fathers in our links for any men trying to see their children in the United Kingdom and extend our support to the rest of the now global fathers rights movement.

We aim to remember what we choose to forget. God's just a baby and her diaper is wet. Call the police, I'm strapped to the teeth and liable to disregard your every belief. Call on the law, I'm fixin' to draw a line between what is and seems and call up a brawl. Call 'em up now, 'cause it's about to go pow. I'm standing on the threshold of the ups and the downs. Call up a truce, 'cause I'm about to bust loose. Protect ya neck, 'cause, sons, I'm breaking out of my noose. (Saul Williams)