30 Jul 2011

Arab "WINTER"!

We disagree with the title "Arab Spring" which infers a revolution against dictatorships etc. and a move towards so called western democracy.

The reality of the situation in simple terms, in our opinion, is that "Quantitative Easing" or money printing or the large scale expansion of our money supply in the USA and across the world to keep up with the USA has lead naturally, as is usual in such circumstances (see Weimar German hyper-inflation) to the prices of commodities wheat, rice etc. rising significantly.

While we in the west can absorb the price of our bread doubling from say $1.50 to $3.00, when the same occurs in economies who's populations earn less than half our average income per week, this is what we call an "Arab Winter".

We mourn and protest for the poor people of the world who are bearing the brunt of these circumstances. We warn that the worse is yet to come as we do not believe that the measures taken in Greece or the USA will be effective. The system is riddled with wholesale corruption and the markets are completely manipulated. Capitalism and free markets are dead as we in the west have evolved instead to being rigged "debtocracies".

Iceland has Lessons for the World