11 Aug 2011

The UK Riots

Martin Luther King Jnr. said, "But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard."

The people of the world need leadership today. Sadly they have mostly been rendered "sheeple". Blinded by the lights due the delusion through the smoke and mist of misinformation that has become the norm.

We support the rioters rights to live in a society that does not trap them in perpetual poverty. We believe that the rebel youth are a product of our sick society the short-sightedness shown until this point by our leaders and role models and that it will ultimately lead to revolution throughout Europe if not the world. We need to be asking the hard questions right now.

The people/youth see that the banksters were bailed out 3 years ago and far from helping the situation, it has been made worse and with no end in sight and their private debts (unlike any other business) have been transferred to them whilst the banksters reward themselves with billions we and our children will still be paying for. You do not have to be a weather man to know that the wind is blowing.

The powers that be will fall back on martial law and we will be living in a debt slavery police state gulag if those intelligent enough to organize against this continued farce are not willing to join to spearhead the intelligent response.

The size of and regionality of the UK has its advantages. I say that there have been several enormous disadvantages.

Look to Iceland. How many have noticed that the small tight community of Iceland thought its population intelligent enough to vote on such an issue as making huge private banking debts public? Guess what, the people voted NO! TWICE! Guess what else after the jokes that call themselves rating agencies (really part of the banking industry self regulating) downgraded Iceland for behaving like a free market, two years later are forced to upgrade them again because... Having used common sense, they have quickly recovered. Whilst the rest of the world flounders and slowly suffocates.

Our rights have been decimated. The power of corporate lobbying has distorted our experiment with "democracy", just look at the USA or the UK. Indeed we have a crony debtocracies at best. Society has declined to the extent that the vast majority are debt slaves to the tiny minority and this wide gap has accelerated.

What to do? We find a mechanism for stability. But first we must let a failing system fail. We must liquidate the failed banks, expose all toxicity in the market and then start again from scratch with sound policies based on sound money principles in the spirit of 1776.

The American revolutionaries realised that to escape perpetual debt from their English overlords, it was necessary to have a form of currency that was commodity based (i.e. had intrinsic value as opposed to the electronic money given to the banksters for our perpetual servitude that is not worth the paper it is no longer even printed on and is born with interest attached). Through history we have found gold and silver have played this roll, governments can not debase them by printing more and so the people are protected by having them as a store for their wealth against government money printing inflation.

I have posted many links to interesting, revealing sights and alternative news on people-i.blogspot.com click any text to link. I have included some mad and some fun links to lighten these heavy considerations.

In the UK, I back Max Keiser's call for a mass demo to refuse to pay the BBC license fee for their terrible partisan line on all news and failing to properly report the financial crisis and the ongoing issues. By mass peaceful public demonstration.

Update 15th August: Thank you Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert.