12 Aug 2011

UK Politics. An Inconvenient Truth

Great men have been rightfully afraid to proclaim this sort of information. President Kennedy, Hugo Salinas Price, yet they stand and sometimes pay the price and as we have seen so do nations that dare to stand in the way of the money machine. Just like the Third Reich, for the people, hindsight is 20/20 vision, the insiders must stand up.
Frankly, the banks run the main political groups in Bristol City. You know I have some authority on this matter having stood for local election as an independent and as a conservative, as a local resident. I can only speculate as to how magnified this banker occupation is in our capital London. The evidence shows that their control is complete.

I do not feel that there is a need to make accusations or point the finger at individuals. It is simply that it has transpired as we can all see, that they have used their controlling influence to rape our nation. It went unreported. We knew the banks had this influence, but did not think it was an important consideration at the time.

Seeing as 'with hindsight' this unholy alliance gave the banksters the power to rape our nation, things seem a little different now wouldn't you say? Since the great depression of the new millennium began in ernest in 2007 we have been led like lambs to the slaughter by the very perpetrators of the event.

We have been waiting for solutions from the very people who brought this calamity upon us. We have made public, private banking debts we did not earn. The debts are not ours and yet the presstitute main stream media is feeding us the line that we are responsible.

Book up people, look to the ones using common sense in Iceland, now recovering nicely and prosecuting the banksters responsible. Wake Up to GIABO!!! It's time to flush out the banking turds that have been responsible for the wholesale destruction of the middle class around the world. We are not banker bashing. We just want them to swallow their own mistakes like everyone else so that society can figure where it is and get started again. Let them fall and expose the toxicity now so that we can be confident in what we are doing going forward. Let the negligence be exposed so that we may guard against it for the future.  

It seems to me that we have replaced monarchs with banksters on a new road to serfdom. The longer we sit and watch them print more and more "digital money that isn't worth the paper it is no longer even printed on"(Celente) the greater the problem/situation becomes. “If The Social Contract Is Broken, The People Must Revolt”(Locke). Book up. Off with their heads!