26 Aug 2011

EU Disintegration, GREECE

Greece Raped by Goldman Sachs and Friends.
Max has a talent for clarification of the financial situation. Whilst most people even in the financial circles that I have spoken with have only vague notions as to what is transpiring. Greece is no different to the UK in reality. The crucial difference is that Greece does not have the facility to print more funny (fiat) money. We in the UK have not stopped devaluing our currency by massive printing since the depression hit home in 2007. How convenient it would be if we could all pay our debts by printing money to pay them and how immoral and foolish?

Get this straight, the fraud committed in Greece by the bankers in collusion with the government is mirrored all over Europe. Governments everywhere are putting the interests of corrupt private banks over the interests of their own people. The UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc. are all in the same boat, including the USA.