6 Sep 2011

UK Riots Net M.I.C. £125 MILLION+

We take the contrarian view that this is a windfall for the Civil Services (government bureaucrats, police etc.) and a boon for the hawks in the MIC (military industrial complex).

After hearing the views of our elected by hardly anyone political overlords (I refer to our extremely low 20% voter turnouts showing the how disenfranchised most feel in the UK as compared to proper democracies like - don't shoot the messenger - like "IRAN" would you believe it, where over 90% of people vote in elections) I have been wondering where else in the world would we have ever seen a riot and considered it to be anything less than a reaction to underlying societal issues?

Our dislocated so called democratically elected rulers seem to think it's all the fault of the peasants. The word used to describe the public being in this case 'Feral', a word originally from old English 18th century meaning 'wild animal'. 

I have over time and with practical exposure and research now become quite sure that our political system being so skewed towards the top 1% wealth holders has become of no positive use for the actual mass of people in our society which it is supposed to serve, at all!

Actually, it is far worse than that. The social contracts is broken, they are taunting us and we have no leadership to move forward on what has to be done. Just as I say look to Iceland for the correct way to deal with the banks, I suggest look to the USA and the spirit of 1776 for the answers to the ills of our society today. No taxation without representation. Do you feel represented? 

Private banks printing fake money and using fake accounting married to big government/school chums to render the population into perpetual servitude is worth fighting to be free of. At least that is what the US founding fathers thought and I for one do not hold them responsible for the fact that the USA had patently lost its way in the 20th century and is now in the same mess as it started with (as are we) having exchanged monarchy for a new form of too big to fail corporate oligarchy.

False Flag Alert!

Home Front Command warns of looming multi-front war. (Click here for the full story, the Jerusalem Post.)

 We are not being informed of the true facts behind events by our governments. We are relying on the alternative media for fact not rumor and it is becoming clear that recent wars etc. have been a series of "False Flag Alerts" designded as a slight of hand to distract the population whilst the too bigs go about plundering. Of course when they mess up we bail them out and again get side tracked by more, you guessed it, "False Flag Alerts!"

Above right, an Israeli army poster child. Our advice, "take the bikini, leave the assault rifle!"