9 Sep 2011

DEBT, The First 5000 Years Pt1

Pirate My Film

This is a great idea that we actively endorse. 
An antidote to the presstitute news

There are many more projects on a spectrum of subject on 
the Pirate My film site of course so have a look, 
you may be surprised that your pet issue is represented
and you can support and perhaps even profit 
from supporting it for around £3 ($5) per share.

Iceland or Ireland? + Great Minds Pt2

8th Sept: Shall we follow Ireland and socialize the banker's private debts (facing a decade long depression) or follow Iceland and reject serfdom (already recovering)?Politicians and economists have gathered in the Russian city of Yaroslavl to take part in a global political forum. The decision-makers are going to discuss, among other things, how to avoid future economic crises. But does it mean the path out of the current economic crisis is already clear? And what is it? Here’s Wall Street financial analyst Prof. Michael Hudson.

"Great Minds" Update 9th September