15 Sep 2011

Zombie Bankers Feeding On Us

“Never in the field of human finance
has so much been taken from so many, by so few."

Why The UK is Stuck in Depression

Debt Carpet Bombing

Zeitgeist Solutions for the World

As the founder of The Zeitgeist Movement, Joseph is using a series of films to show the world that a corrupt system is causing a crumble of not just the American way, but the world as we know it.
Joseph told RT that society could provide for literally the entire human species if we can put our mind to it. According to him, however, capitalism works in a fashion where we aren’t creating an environment that is sustainable. Rather, he says, the world is only creating filler positions that aren’t helping the problems facing the globe but only adding to them. We aren’t making things that help anyone,” he said to RT.

He calls it the Zeitgeist Movement, but Joseph says it’s simply a resource-based economy. “What is the foundation of human society?” he asked. “It’s resources.” If society is restructured in a way to make the most of those resources, our lives could be changed drastically. Scientists are off on military operations instead of helping the world, said Joseph. He says starvation could be stopped if we just change the way we manipulate and manage our resourced, but first the world needs to adapt to a resource-based economic model. (Click here fro full rt.com story)