29 Sep 2011

Elite EU Guilty Idiots Can't Handle The Truth

Further analysis: The European sovereign debt crisis which has been gestating for years seems ready to come to a head as the IMF met last weekend in Washington that were dominated by talks about Greece, debt, and the risk of global contagion.
Amidst tense talks about the future of the Eurozone in which the idea of allowing Greece to default on its insurmountable half-trillion dollar debt was floated, even the usually staid US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, warned that "cascading default, bank runs, and catastrophic risk" was a real possibility. G20 Finance Ministers and central bank governors are now calling for the European Central Bank to double their existing bailout fund to create a trillion Euro emergency stockpile to recapitalize European banks and fund Spain and Italy as their economies teeter on the edge of a Greek-like meltdown...
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=2699

Greek Unions Capture Ministries

Greek civil servants opposing a new barrage of austerity cuts blocked a host of ministries on September 29, 2011, as senior auditors from the EU and the IMF were to begin a vital fiscal audit. The main banners read “occupation” and “not to the barbarian measures of the government.” (AFP PHOTO / Louisa Gouliamaki)(Source)

Bid for cannabis SUPERPOWER

Drug and agriculture officials have called for the revival of mass cannabis cultivation in Russia. They say the project has a plethora of benefits, from bringing cash into state coffers to curbing pot-smoking. The counterintuitive initiative from the body, which many Russians see as an overzealous watchdog eager to forbid anything with even the most tenuous link to drugs, including poppy seed toppings for baking, has much rationale behind it. Cannabis was one of the country’s most important agricultural products for five centuries. Russia exported hemp to all major European naval nations in the age of sail, when the water-resistant rope made of cannabis fibers was a strategic commodity on a par with iron and gunpowder. Cannabis is also a source of seed oil, livestock foodstuff, pulp for paper production and dozens of other products. However, after the Soviet Union joined the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs in 1961, strict regulations on cannabis cultivation were implemented and the industry was all but eradicated.Now, some officials say it is time to revive Russia’s position as a cannabis superpower. Among them is the head of the Federal Drug Control Agency, Viktor Ivanov, who has been acting as an advocate for the plant – best-known as the source of the recreational drug – at an anti-narcotics council on Wednesday. Click here for rt.com full story.

Wall Street Rules. It's War, Mace The Bastards!

Introducing Silver As Money In The UK

Dominic Frisby meets Mexican multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price at Claridges and finds out about his simple scheme to introduce silver as money in the UK (and globally) . Salinas also reveals why he thinks it is inevitable that the current global system of money will collapse ... 

Hugo Salinas Price: The destiny of mankind hinges upon gold (click to link to essay)

Immortal Technique v Robo Officer Bologna

Troika Prepare to Gut Greece