30 Sep 2011


Thanks for the few who did click our survey. The results were clear. In answer to the question:


85% voted "Yes and prosecute any bankers responsible for negligence."
15% voted "Not enough. The social contract is broken, the people must revolt."
0% voted to keep bailing out the bankers. Bearing that in mind, 
I wonder what our government will do next.

Mainstream Media Lap Dancers v FKN NEWZ

We could not agree more with the implications of this report and furthermore we have confronted this issue head on with the "Bristol Evening Post". I complained to the editor about the complete misrepresentation of the grievances of the local people. After we had alerted the local newspaper to the issue, they proceeded to release a story which was not only factually incorrect but worse completely misrepresentative. I had remarked to the editor from memory something to the effect "Are you our local news paper reflecting the views of the people or just a mouthpiece for the council?" All this around a so called "government consultation" that actually turned out to be complete whitewash. Deek Jackson Gets it. Funny!

The Men Who Crashed The World Pt1

Tony Blair: “I just love banker cock!"

Libya: Civilian death toll & FKN NEWZ

This is a NATO war where the so-called rebels are an auxiliary force that has been incapable of even taking any ground on their own,” Flounders, from the anti-war group International Action Center, told RT. “This is overwhelmingly a war on civilians.”
Sirte is now without water, without food, without medical supplies, without operating hospitals,” Flounders said. Flounders believes that “NATO’s war” poses a great danger to the entire region. This is really an opening war into the region, and the idea that it has any humanitarian concern has never been on NATO’s agenda,” she said.From the beginning it has not only been a war for control and domination of Libya and seizing hold of the oil and also the enormous cash reserves… It has been a weapon against the Egyptian and Tunisian [revolutions] and what is called the Arab Spring.”
According to Naji Barakat, the health minister in the new Libyan government, at least 30,000 people were killed and 50,000 wounded in Libya’s six-month civil war.

update 1/10/2011

We have some reports that this information is correct. Please let us know if you have evidence for or against. Our information from other sources is that after several conferences and attempts to create an African gold backed currency by Qaddafi the US Fed got scared of the implications and instigated this false flag event to destroy Libya and that potential far more attractive possible alternate world reserve currency. We do not see it as wildly conspiratorial that the US Fed and a willing US M.I.C. would do this. We have seen similar uncovered many times before. The difference here is that if this was the paradise of Libya as portrayed in the film, they really destroyed something very beautiful and in many ways enviable. What have we let our politicians do?
The Source says...You`ll find it hard to believe,especially if you watch the telly a lot,but it is the truth!