4 Oct 2011

Occupy Wall Street "Best Rant"


Don't Let Soros Hijack Occupy Wall Street

America’s Financial Vietnam

This is a must see debate, a good view at the current economic situation and considerations of the best use of the vox populi in response.

Question: Who do we want to target in the UK for similar treatment, 
Sir Mervyn King?

Ron Paul v Michael Moore on Larry King CNN

We do not think Michael Moore has real answers. Listening to Ron Paul discuss the issues and different logic behind his own similar conclusions shows this. 

Watching (put down the spoon and step away from the cake) Mr Moore waddle in and practically claim the world freedom movement in his name made me feel nauseous. Thank goodness for the antidote of Dr Paul. Uniquely un-bought by big business and unique in the fact that he has stood alone and warned for many years of this coming crisis, one of the very few politicians who actually understands basic economics.

Ron is dismissed by the press-titutes because he is not picture perfect and because the press is owned by the enemy 0.01%. Nevertheless what he lacks in facade he makes up for in substance. I too believe in a star trek money free future, but I live in the real world where to make this happen overnight would actually look exactly like fascism.

In the spirit of Kevin Klein's character from the movie French kiss,"Mr Moore, people like you make my ass twitch!

Additional: On further reflection on the last words of Ron describing over 700 military bases supported by the US taxpayer and the rest of us who are stuck with their currency as a reserve, that Britain to is supporting almost as many unnecessary military bases around the world and it is a burden on us which is quite out of date and must end. In my personal experience, it has always remained an open question for me, "What are the British still doing with military bases on the little island of Cyprus?" Odds are that the UK overseas military presence is as irrelevant or even counterproductive elsewhere as it is in Cyprus and common sense confirms it. We completely agree on these points made by Dr Paul. It is quite time now for the former empires to retreat from their colonial military outposts, go home and clean up the mess in their own houses. False flag war and empire has only ever served the banksters. Forget the misguided stockbroker who was honest enough to relay that "Goldman Sachs Runs the world." That 0.001% have been living that wet dream he described and we have been watching it live on TV for decades, shadowing the onslaught of our western Military Industrial Complex.


We do not advocate the above. Save your money. We would say the former advice, buying silver would be a better move and unlike paper money, it's value will never go to zero, as it is not only a monetary metal but it also very useful in industry and medicine.

GERMANY 4.0 Making Mark v US Reverse Capitalism


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