6 Oct 2011

Palestine: further along statehood road

Classic Banksy art cuts to the heart of the Palestine issue.

Shocking Video of NYC Violence

“We have a paralysis of government in America, as evidenced by the debate on debt ceiling and economic policies. It’s clear they don’t know what to do about these demonstrations,” he told RT, adding “One of the factors to it is that the mayor of New York is a millionaire, a multimillionaire, a billionaire. So obviously he isn’t going to be very co-operative on this, I guess.”

This is Cairo! This is Tunisia! This is a movement taking place not only in the US, but one taking place all over the world! Enough with the Wall Street bailouts! We will win!” are some of the things that the demonstrators have been shouting, RT’s Marina Portnaya reported.
The anti-Wall Street protests – now in their third week – are continuing to spread across the country. Some of those marching have issued a statement claiming to represent 99 per cent of the population against the country's richest one per cent.
There are two grievances that unite all of the protesters, Marina Portnaya says. The first is that they are frustrated with the disparity of wealth distribution in the US. The second is that they are frustrated with corporate influence over US politics.

Stephen Lendman, radio host, author and blogger told RT though the demonstrators have important issues they are trying to achieve, they will be accomplishing nothing except cosmetic changes. 
“They need committed leadership city by city. This is spreading all over the country now. I haven’t seen anything like this in 40 years. And this may have legs if they do it right,” he said.There have been some brutal responses on the streets in New York, but according to Lendman this will hardly stop the activists. On the contrary, it will only provoke more action.“This is what cops do – they beat up people. The people so far are very courageous, they keep it up. But I am afraid they will lose their interest as the weather gets colder,” he concluded.

Reggie Middleton's BoomBustBlog Occupy Wall Street

Got to love Reggie. Recently downloaded KRS1 as I couldn't find my original, great minds Reggie. Highly recommended philosophical rap. 

Battle for Greece

Greece's latest 24-hour national strike turned violent - with police firing tear gas on angry crowds of protesters. The country all-but-ground to a halt as Greeks made their feelings known about the extra cuts they face so that the country can try and plug the massive 350-billion Euro debt. Greece's financial paralysis is being worsened by the admission it won't hit its budget targets. Economic analyst, Martin Hennecke, thinks the only way for Greece to survive is to default and start fresh. Furthermore he clarifies the fact that if Greece did not exist, there would still be wide scale issues across many other countries.

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Wall Street Protesters: The Statement

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Corporate Elite Determine The Food We Eat

Ron Paul: Crossed Rubicon To Empire And Tyranny

GET MONEY OUT, Goes Viral!

Mainstream Media Skewed On Syria

[Syria’s] importance is as a geopolitical factor right next to Israel, a country which obviously America and Britain and the other Western powers strongly support. So that would be its ulterior geopolitical motive,” explains John Laughland from the Paris-based Institute for Democracy and Co-operation.

Tear Gas For Greek Bailout Protesters