7 Oct 2011

"Financial Meltdown 2 to 3 Weeks" - IMF Advisor

We have had harsh words for the BBC about the lack of coverage since the beginning of the economic crisis over the last few years. We are glad they have recently, at the eleventh hour by all accounts and perhaps too late so still a big fail, we are glad they have recently bothered a little. Robert Shapiro who advised Presidents Clinton and Obama and who currently advises the IMF predicts a cascading meltdown of the World's banking system starting with Sovereign debt in the Eurozone, affecting the UK then finally bringing down the global banking system.

Bank of England's QE2 may reach £500bn

The Bank of England may have to inject as much as £500bn (approaching half the size of the economy) into the economy to rescue Britain's faltering recovery, economists warned after the central bank shocked markets by restarting its money printing programme. Report by the Telegraph, click here for full story.

Europe is Very Dangerous and Obama is Finished

London Falling: Like A Man Eating His Own Leg

rt.com reports: The global financial troubles have reached the UK, as it becomes the latest nation to feel the pinch. Rating's giant Moody's has downgraded 12 of Britain's financial firms and banks, including the Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds TSB. That comes after the Bank of England chief said the country's economy is at its lowest point since the 1930s if not ever. RT gets more on this from British Euro MP, Godfrey Bloom.

Worldwide Revolution Starts Now - Alex Jones

Battle To Occupy Los Angeles

That's correct. You could be forgiven for believing that our local news hub (http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.com/) is a hollywood sic-fi spoof for our recent headlines but no, "The Battle To Occupy Los Angeles" and the rest of the world is Real Live and Direct. "For all intents an purposes, the 0.01% have declared open WAR on th 99.99% and we are finally fighting back!Take care brothers and sisters. More false flag wars nd more suffering to come and be very afraid but never give up. 

Local Shout Out "Un-United Kingdom"

We have been talking about open government on this site since 2006 and I have been involved with Human fights since 2002 as an original member of F4J, the road is long, hang strong. Our site has always been completely volentary and completely to do with our passion for individual freedom or liberty and against the growing 1984 state that seeks to run our lives and enslave us for the benefit of a few. This explains why though we tried, we could not work with the local faliticians. We call on the community and to all concerned groups of all persuasions to rise up in peaceful protest on the 15th of October. Organisers please comment or contact us and we will gladly help to disseminate the information. No riots, it is time for the the people of the un-United Kingdom at last to peacefully UNITE against the common enemy, ignorance. "Are YOU Involved or Institutionalised?" Book up! "Long Live the Evolution." 

Canary Island about to BLOW?

Worries of a potential volcanic eruption have prompted Spanish authorities to evacuate residents and tourists on one of the Canary Islands. Thousands of tiny tremors have recently intensified, with the biggest one reaching a magnitude of 3.4, they said. The seismic activity indicates magma on the move. Spiegel reports

New World Order 'Breaking Down'