8 Oct 2011

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Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation. Vids

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The Utah Monetary Declaration

6th October: A very important document, The Utah Monetary Declaration, is now circulating among the citizens of Utah. Though citizens of Utah are attempting to introduce the basic principles of this declaration into the Utah legislature, every citizen of every US state and every citizen of every country in the world should read the below document and note the similarities of the Utah Monetary Declaration to the US Coinage Act of 1972, which protected the freedoms of US citizens until they were destroyed by Central Bankers. You will note that Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the Republic of America, penned the US Coinage Act of 1792. Alexander Hamilton was so adamantly opposed to the process by which Central Banks create money today that when he wrote the US Coinage Act of 1792, he believed the no other threat other than the severe penalty of death would prevent bankers from deliberately debasing the value of coined money and thus, usurping the peoples’ freedoms. Today, I’m quite certain that Central Bankers would label the very man that helped found the Republic of America, were he still alive, as a terrorist, for his expressed ideals of freedom oppose all ideologies and principles for which a Central Banker stands.
Alexander Hamilton equated essential freedoms with the preservation of the purchasing power of all money. Debase the value of money and we will lose our freedoms. So then, what does the Central Banker deliberately directed, massive debasement of all major fiat currencies in the world bode for future generations? This is precisely why we have recently witnessed the birth of uprisings all around the world – Greece, Iceland, Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, and Tunisia just to name a few. As we all know, the world’s reserve currency, the US dollar, has now lost about 97% to 98% of its value and purchasing power since private bankers created the US Federal Reserve in 1913. Say what you will about the death throes of the Euro but the US dollar is hanging by a thread right now as well.
I urge everyone to:
(1) Read the below Utah Monetary Declaration;
(2) Discuss it with your neighbors and friends;
(3) Research the parts you may not understand so that you can better understand the tyranny and complete immorality of our current monetary system; and                                                                                                            (4) Learn why Alexander Hamilton believed the soundness of money to be inseparable from freedom to such an degree that he advocated not imprisonment, but death, for the deliberate act of devaluing US coins.
The freedom to choose the form of money we can use in our daily lives is inseparable from the ability to live one’s life as a free man and a free woman. Monetary freedom is inseparable from all other inalienable freedoms we possess in this life. What we have today is monetary enslavement. Many of us have lived our lives believing the lies and propaganda about our current, extremely oppressive monetary system because powerful banking families have deviously inserted these lies into the textbooks they feed into our global educational system. Other times, they just insert professors that they have paid-off to spread their propaganda directly into “esteemed” (and I use that word very lightly) institutions like Harvard University, Princeton University and the University of Chicago to pollute the minds of millions of impressionable youth. It is time we help one another wake up to the truth about the utter disgrace that we call our modern banking and monetary system. If we wish to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world in restoring our essential freedoms, the first pro-active step every citizen in this world must take is to research and learn why the debasement of monetary value is a direct attack on the freedoms of every citizen in every district, in every province, in every state in every country in the world. Click here to link to the source and "The Utah Monetary Declaration".

Update 8th October:

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Protesters plan to occupy London Stock Exchange

Protesters plan to occupy London Stock Exchange "Yes we know, 15th of October and more than the one group reported!" 

A group of protesters are organising an occupation of the London Stock Exchange to bring attention to what they see as unethical behaviour on the part of banks, following a similar demonstration on Wall Street. Reports the telegraph. Source.

The telegraph seems a little late to the party. They had missed that it is part of the Global Insurrection Against Bankster Occupation happening in Arab countries around Europe and the United States, who are also late to the party and more like a war crime than a small ethical dilemma. 

We disagree with this report in so many ways. Of course they wouldn't want to put any more of a spotlight on people like Max Keiser, Alex Jones, Celente and others who have been predicting these events for years and discussing real solutions which have been altogether unreported by the press-titutes who are owned by the 0.01%, whilst they have spent their time behind that camouflage and continue at this very moment to rape everyone else's present and future.

At least it is reported that we are peaceful people, which of course we are, quite unlike the warmongering banksters and their journalistic attire.
Update: http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.com/2011/10/occupy-london.html

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