14 Oct 2011

OWS Puts Focus On Banks Hijacking Economy

UK Protesters "Autumn of Action" Against Banks

The Evening Standard reports: Activists are being urged to set up camp in the Square Mile in an effort to stage a repeat of the recent anti-Wall Street protests in New York.
Hundreds of riot police are being deployed in case of trouble and key buildings, including the Stock Exchange, will be ringed by officers to prevent attempts to occupy them.
The Met and City of London police forces have launched a joint operation in an effort to ensure the protests are peaceful.
One source said: "Our aim is to minimise any disruption to Londoners and tourists who are in the area. But the groups have told us they want the protest to be peaceful so we shall see."
One campaigner said the City and Canary Wharf had become the focus of their anger after Parliament Square became too fortified to penetrate.
The protest, called Occupy London Stock Exchange, is being organised by coalition of protest and direct action groups, including UK Uncut.
The protest echoes a similar occupation carried out in Wall Street in New York which has seen demonstrators take over a park in lower Manhattan for three weeks.
The Met and City of London Police would not discuss tactics to deal with the protesters, saying only an "appropriate police plan" was in place.
A London Stock Exchange spokesman declined to comment.

Angelo: We aim for a peaceful protest and are concerned that as is happening more frequently these days, there may be people planted by the authorities to cause trouble in order to divert attention and stop our protest.
After all we are dealing with a situation where government and banks have been shown to be complicit in having hidden a great deal in the past and as we have seen with false flag wars etc. this is obviously our greatest concern. Check our post on the London street festival and your right to film in a public place and we urge people to go in groups with friends and be armed with your video devices for your own protection against the authorities (and indeed to use bad behaviour by the authorities online to spur the movement). 
Let us hope the police realise that there is no difference between 99.99% of us and 99.99% of them (when they soon lose their jobs due to austerity measures). We will be there as true patriots for Britain. Why will they be there? 
We say, best libertarian behaviour please. Peace, Love, let's jail some banksters and get a dept amnesty on essentials for the 99.99% including our good police. Now that would be a loot!

Italian Students Storm Milan Goldman Sachs Office

Italian Students Storm Milan Goldman Sachs Office link.
Italians, once again betrayed by their politicians who were bribed by Berlusconi to vote for him in the latest vote of "confidence" (at a price of €250k per vote), have decided to make their feelings for financial innovation, and its patron saint, known, by storming the Goldman office in Milan.From Corriere: "on Friday students took to the streets to demonstrate for and against the public school funds the crisis and the government. The procession was attended by about ten thousand young people (two thousand according to initial estimates of the Police Station). The raid at the headquarters of U.S. bank Goldman Sachs was the first action of the student demonstration. A group of twenty boys tried to get a surprise in the Milanese headquarters of the U.S. bank, Bossi in the square, near Piazza Cordusio. Rejected by some employees of the home, the young people then smeared with spray paint the hallway and throwing bags full of garbage to the cry of "Goldman Sachs has the courage to face the future without young people." We doubt this is the last expression of love for those who do God's work in Europe, primarily with austerity-delaying FX swaps... Now that the delay can no longer be delayed. Reports Zero Hedge

IMF Official Ducks Egg Attacks In Turkey

Students have hurled eggs at International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s Turkey Representative Mark Lewis during a university lecture in Turkey's western province of Bursa.

On Thursday, the students chanted "IMF get out" as well as other slogans as they threw eggs at Lewis, who took cover behind the podium and dodged all the projectiles, showing quick reflexes, Reuters reported.

The IMF official was delivering a keynote speech to economics students at Uludag University. Meanwhile another group of students unfurled anti-IMF banners.

At least one student was injured and taken to hospital for treatment, when clashes erupted as the university's security officers were taking protesting students away.

Most of the country's population opposes the IMF's policies regarding Ankara. For the last ten years, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government has been struggling to unshackle Turkey from the IMF. The organization once started applying pressure on the country for being in arrears with USD 26 billion it had borrowed during a 2001 banking crisis.

Two years ago, during a wave of protests in Istanbul against the IMF's dealings with Ankara, one demonstrator threw a shoe at the organization's former chief, Dominique Strauss-Khan. Reports Press tv 

Globe Against The Greedy: Protests Spill Worldwide

Protests against economic mismanagement and corporate greed are going global. In addition to the Occupy Wall Street movement sweeping the US, protesters from over 70 European and Asian nations are set to hold co-ordinated mass rallies on October 15.
Activists from 78 nations, organizing themselves through the Internet and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, are due to take to the streets on Saturday in a joint effort to protest at the crippling global economic crisis and hold politicians and bankers responsible. 
“United in one voice, we will let politicians and the financial elites they serve know it is up to us, the people, to decide our future,” reads the statement on the website for the upcoming protests, http://15october.net/.  
“We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers, who do not represent us,” it adds. 
According to the organizers, the protests will involve 868 cities in Europe, the United States, South America, Asia and Africa. Source

Portugal: Greek déjà-vu?

The call for a global day of action on October the 15th from the Occupy Wall Street movement is expected to get a loud response in Portugal where the prime minister has warned of more pay cuts and tax rises to tackle the country’s deficit.
Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho says the country’s efforts to balance the books are well off-track and has warned of deepening hardship.
RT's Irina Galushko traveled to Lisbon to see for herself how people there are dealing with what is being called a national emergency.
“I am afraid. I’m afraid of the future. I’m afraid that things are going to be like things are in Greece right now,” Luis Alvares, graphic designer, told RT. “With these measures people aren’t going to be able to have a good, decent life.”  
Luis is an active member of the Portuguese “Indignados de Lisboa” movement united by a desire for economic change in the country. Its participants believe the government is hell-bent on pleasing the rich and powerful, and is ignoring the needs of the people. Source

Occupy Wall Street Faces Eviction

Occupy Wall Street Faces Eviction

The owners of Zuccotti Park, where Occupy Wall Street has made its camp for nearly a month, released a set of rules Thursday that seems intended to evict the protesters permanently. The rules ban camping in the park or lying down on sleeping bags or under tarps. Brookfield Office Properties also announced plans to begin cleaning the park in three stages starting at 7 a.m. Friday—effectively a notice to protesters that they need to be gone by then or face the consequences.
Angelo: This is now a pivotal moment, a bridge moment. The organisers must be racking their brains for the appropriate response. We hope they get it right and retain their dignity. We hope the city descends on the park to make eviction impossible. Our thoughts are with them and on our response for Occupy The World Day on Saturday 15th of October and the London Stock Exchange!
UPDATE: Victory for Occupy Wall Street, looks like the 0.001% are starting to understand their position! http://www.twitvid.com/OGV24 Watch out for false flag terror as the 0.001%"s response and our thoughts are with the people of Iran who are the likely targets.

Cop punches #occupywallstreet protester

What's Really In Your Cereal

Why Don't They Understand? InfoWars Psychology

4 out of 5 people are deficient when dealing with bad news and therefore in denial. We must deal with the truth and break through the barrier of denial.

Tom Morello: Occupy The Machine

OfCom Decision on Press TV Scandalous

We oppose this move and demand that press tv be allowed back on air!!!
This is a clear attack on our UK free speech!
As we have seen on this very site, press tv has offered a real alternative view. The loss of this would, in our view, be greater than the loss of the BBC, who seem to offer mainly reactionary rather than breaking news and usually just regurgitating what the government/banksters say.
An attack against freedom itself in the UK!


Wow, IKEA have a line of some surprisingly useful items. Part of their portable OKKU-PI The World day (15th of October) range.
Comes with a complimentary bucket sporting a cleaver washable 
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IKEA WC dispensers!
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