17 Oct 2011

New Battle Lines Between Employers and Workers in Britain

In Britain, there's growing evidence that employers are taking unprecedented steps to undermine the rights of workers in order to save money. One local government authority has made its entire workforce of more than 6,000 people redundant - telling them they could only have their job back if they took a sizeable pay cut. Laurence Lee reports on the new battle lines between employers and workers in Britain.

Occupy London LSX - Police Let The Dogs Out

UK Police Bring Out the Dogs!

Rena Shipwreck - The People Take Ownership

The devastating Rena shipwreck off New Zealand spilt hundreds of tons of heavy fuel oil onto the pristine Bay of Plenty Coastline, and wreaked havoc on the birds, seals, penguins and wildlife. This short video tells a sorry tale of government inaction and locals taking matters into their own hands.

US Media Back Banks Against Occupy Wall Street

One of the major grievances uniting protesters across the US is anger at the government for putting corporate welfare above that of citizens. Not that you would pick that up by watching much of America's mainstream media.
Activists are getting creative to get that point across, and their discontent is loud and graphic. Thousands of Americans have resorted to banners and t-shirts to send out a message of frustration with what they see as the government acting on behalf of big corporations rather than the people – a message the protesters say their media are failing to deliver. Source.

'US bankers stole billions' - Press TV

After nearly one month of “Occupy Wall Street” protests the campaign against corporate greed, social inequality and the banking industry has gone globalPress TV has interviewed financial journalist and broadcaster, Max Keiser from Paris to discuss the issue. Click for source, Press TV.

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert’s GIABO Communique #2

Max & Stacy have some inspiration for the Occupiers now spanning the world as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

War For 'Freedom Of Speech' Now On

In case you are not yet aware, OfCom, Britain's Office of Communications, has decided to take Press TV off air in the UK this week. The significance of this move by the state regulator should not be underestimated. The battle for free speech is definitely on. Source - Press tv. 
Silencing Press TV - UK Free Speech DEAD!