30 Oct 2011

Xtranormal Explains The European Non-Bailout

Israeli Govt. Makes War to Divert Attention As Tel Aviv Protests

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Tel-Aviv and across Israel to protest against economic injustice. The protest’s organizers are demanding that the Knesset rewrite the 2012 budget "taking into account the demands of the people."

The latest rally comes after a wave of social protests swept Israel over the summer and culminated in September, when half a million Israelis came out onto the streets. But since then, the movement has slowly died out as protesters returned to their daily lives.
Israeli police say more than 30,000 people marched in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, and thousands more protested in Jerusalem.
As RT’s Paula Slier reports, many protesters are concerned that their story of social protest will be missed by the international community and media, which is now focused on unfolding events in Gaza. Source

"We Are All Greeks"

Andrea Rossi's Perpetual Motion Machine E-Cat 1

If it works, Rossi's perpetual motion machine would have a major impact on society. Keep abreast of developments at Pure Energy Systems and New EnergyTimes.