3 Nov 2011

Oakland Occupy protests go from peace to "chaos"

What are the odds this is a false flag setup by the authorities to scuttle the movement? Standard.

Veterans join OWS Revolution + Love Not War

U.S. war veterans who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and even World War II bring their outrage onto the streets of New York, joining the Occupy Wall Street movement. RT's Anastasia Churkina joins the crowds.

Eurocrats are Terrified of Democracy

Greece’s prime minister George Papandreou is in the doghouse only because he dared to offer voters a choice.

Shall I tell you the truly terrifying thing about the EU? It’s not the absence of democracy in Brussels, or the ease with which Eurocrats swat aside referendum results. It’s the way in which the internal democracy of the member states is subverted in order to sustain the requirements of membership. By 
George Papandreou, the luckless Greek leader, is the latest politician to find himself being chewed up because he stands in the way of the Brussels machine. On Monday afternoon, Papandreou announced a referendum on whether to accept the EU’s bail-out terms. He had evidently had enough of the antics of the opposition party, New Democracy, which kept insisting that Greece remain in the euro, while opposing all the austerity measures necessary to that end – an outrageous stance given that New Democracy ran up the deficit in the first place. Papandreou hoped to force his opponents off the fence: in favour of the spending cuts or against euro membership. Perhaps he also hoped to put pressure on the EU to offer more generous terms. I wish I could convey the sheer horror that his proposal provoked in Brussels. The first rule of the Eurocracy is “no referendums”. Brussels functionaries believe that their work is too important to be subject to the prejudices of hoi polloi (for once, the Greek phrase seems apposite). Referendums are always seen as irresponsible; but, at a time when the euro is teetering on the brink, Papandreou’s proposal was seen as an act of ingratitude bordering on treason.
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Greek PM’s future in balance as revolt grows European leaders warned him that if Greece does not respect the terms of the rescue deal, it will not get “one more cent” from the next planned instalment of EU and IMF bail-out funds. IMF chief Christine Lagarde also warned she would not move on the next tranche of the Fund’s loan to Greece until “all uncertainty is removed.”

US Is In Worse Shape Than Europe

Jim Rogers: US is in worse shape than Europe Nov 2 2011

Jobs Now, Stop the Foreclosures, Jail the Banksters

Bill Black: Here are three things the "Occupy Movement" could focus on