10 Nov 2011

IRAN NUKE BOMB FEST and The Petrodollar Explained

Bernanke, James Murdoch the 'Mafia Bosses' Assemble

Israel to Attack Iran by Christmas!

The British media say Israel may launch an aerial strike on Iranian nuclear facilities as early as next month. The offensive will receive support from the US, the speculation goes.
The attack is meant to decapitate Iran’s nuclear program, which a recent report by the UN atomic watchdog said may have a military component.

The Daily Mail cites British government sources as saying that the cabinet expects Israel to attack Iran “sooner rather than later.

We’re expecting something as early as Christmas, or very early in the New Year,” a Foreign Office source is cited as saying. The operation will receive logistical support from the United States, the newspaper reports. US President Barack Obama will allegedly have to back Israel to secure Jewish-Americans’ votes for the upcoming presidential election. Source


Ex-banker Papademos is new Greek prime minister

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Senior banker Lucas Papademos was named Thursday as the prime minister of the new Greek interim government, charged with keeping the debt-strapped country out of bankruptcy and firmly in the 17-nation eurozone.

After four days of intense political negotiations, the 64-year-old former vice president of the European Central Bank was chosen to lead a coalition backed by both the governing Socialists and opposition conservatives that will operate until early elections in February.

He replaces outgoing Socialist Prime Minister George Papandreou midway through his four-year term.

A statement from the president's office said Papademos would form an interim government that will secure and implement the decisions of a €130 billion ($177 billion) European debt deal agreed upon during a summit in Brussels on Oct. 27. That deal is the country's second massive bailout, after a first €110 billion ($150 billion) rescue package was deemed not enough to keep Greece from bankruptcy.

The new cabinet will be sworn in Friday afternoon.
The latest Greek crisis erupted last week, when Papandreou said he would put the hard-fought European debt deal, that involves private bondholders canceling 50 percent of their Greek debt holdings, to a referendum. The announcement horrified European leaders, sparked a rebellion in his own party and caused an uproar in financial markets.
Papandreou withdrew the referendum plan and agreed to step aside for a unity government.
Papademos, a former ECB vice president who is not a member of any party, has been operating lately as an adviser to the prime minister.
Shares on the Athens Stock Exchange were up 2.1 percent at 783.28 on the prospect of a power deal. That came despite more bad news for Greece's recession-hit economy: unemployment surged to 18.4 percent in August, up from 12.2 for that month in 2010.
Other eurozone nations have refused to give Greece its latest installment of bailout cash — €8 billion ($11 billion) — until the country approves the second bailout deal, which took European leaders months to hash out.
The markets want clarity soon so the new government can secure bailout cash to avoid an imminent bankruptcy that could push Europe into a new recession and world financial markets into turmoil. Source
Angelo: We are inspired by "Wahrheit" who posted this link at maxkeiser.com under our published heading. Indeed Greece has just died, without further revolution, they have simply become debt slaves to the world banks. The loss of their sovereignty is now signed, sealed and soon nothing that was once publicly owned will belong to the people and at a similar pace foreclosure will be brought to bare on the assets of private ownership. DEAD.

Police Bludgeon Peaceful Occupy UC Berkeley Protesters with Batons

This is just the latest in a series of criminal acts of unprovoked police violence against peaceful Occupy protesters. I'm smiling through my teeth!

Demos' Nomi Prins on Ratigan to talk Occupy Berkeley

Private US Prisons Prove that Crime Does Pay

Money owners of a for-profit juvenile detention center could make slamming the bars.
Federal prosecutors called it “Kids For Cash.”
An owner of a private detention center, Robert Powell, was sentenced to 1 1/2 years in prison Friday for allegedly paying kickbacks to two county judges in Pennsylvania. Powell got off relatively easy after cooperating with prosecutors.
Earlier this year, Luzerne County’s former president judge Michael Conahan was sentenced to 17 1/2 years, and Judge Mark Ciavarella, a.k.a. “Mr. Zero Tolerance,” was sentenced to 28 years.
The case is a testament to the effectiveness of economic incentives, getting county judges to incarcerate kids just for doing what kids sometimes do:

—A 10-year-old girl reportedly got a month in a detention center for accidentally setting her bedroom on fire.

—A 13-year-old boy reportedly got 48 days for throwing food at his mother’s boyfriend during an argument.
—A 16-year-old girl reportedly got a month in a boot camp for creating a Web page making fun of the assistant principal of her high school.
—A 17-year-old boy reportedly got five months for drug paraphernalia — not drugs themselves — and it was his first offense.
The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania had to dismiss 4,000 juvenile cases because of the compromising kickbacks.
The American Civil Liberties Union cited the case in a report it released last week called “Banking on Bondage: Private Prisons and Mass Incarceration.” Read the ACLU report. Source/full story

Gold Wars! With Jim Rickards -Max Keiser

This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss European gold wars and the brokers at the Chicago Board of Trade telling others to get a job while they can't even do the one job they have. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews James G. Rickards about his new book - Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis.

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The Best Way To Rob a Bank is To Own One

Bank of America has become the poster-child for corruption and incompetence ever since they took a taxpayer-funded bailout to save themselves from their own incompetence. They then took that bailout money and paid record-breaking bonuses to their executives, and raised fees for their own customers. And today, it looks like the company is poised to repeat history again. Sam Seder talks about the next round of troubles facing Bank of America with William Black, author of the book "The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One."
Additional: the best way to rob a country is as follows...

It's (Re-Re-)Official: L-Pap Is PM

Tyler Durden's picture
Submitted by Tyler Durden today

To everyone who was hoping the latest Greek PM would be a double letter, triple word score game killer in Scrabble, our apologies. In the end the ECB's puppet ended up in control, just as initially expected. Kneejerek reaction in the EURUSD higher which will be promptly faded and all that jazz. Fact is nobody cares about the ECB/Fed protectorate known as Greece any longer.
From WSJ:
Lucas Papademos, a former European Central Bank vice president, has been named Greece's new prime minister, senior officials from Greece's main political parties said Thursday.

"It's finally over, we have a new prime minister," a senior socialist party official said. "Mr. Papademos will be sworn in today." An official from the conservative opposition party said an "agreement has been reached on Mr. Papademos to become prime minister and he has accepted."

"Senior members from both parties will make up Mr. Papademos's cabinet," he added.

Just Call Him Bwana: Obama's Africa Adventure

by Patrick Henningsen
AFRICOM, in its own words,  is almost expecting a  military confrontation with China over its interests in Africa, and with the new US practice of ‘pre-emptive foreign policy’, it serves as an almost perfect storm for a new not-so-cold war there.
China will not just react, as the US might do, if its interests and investment have been threatened in Africa. This is partly because unlike USA Inc, China is still a functioning nation state and Chinese leaders are not being constantly pressured by its corporations to act over-aggressively to protect Chinese interests.
In the twilight days of every US administration, an American President is defined by his all-important legacy.
Whether Obama becomes either a one term or two term President- after it’s all said and done, he will be remembered as Kenya’s only begotten son, who sold out Africans to his globalist overlords- the man who eventually broke the back of Africa.
Ironic, as we still remember how much hope some people had of him, way back then.

WARNING: Supporting The War In Iraq Will Make You Sound Like A Fucking Moron

My most difficult interview yet. At AFP Foundation's Defending the American Dream Summit. This woman works for a radio station starting with WA(XX) and somewhere on the west coast I think. I only got a glance at her name badge. Please email me if you can identify her! http://adamvstheman.com

Confusion In Greece As Talks Drag On

A meeting of Greek political leaders with the country's president has been pushed back to Thursday, as efforts to appoint a new interim government appeared to have stalled. The news of delay comes hours after George Papandreou, the outgoing Greek prime minister, said the political parties had reached an agreement over who would lead the new interim government tasked with tackling the country's debt crisis.Al Jazeera's Andrew Simmons, reporting from Athens, speaks to political analyst George Kapopoulos.

Paul Craig Roberts: Military Works for The 1/%

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts also joins the program to discuss the unfolding European economic disaster, now with Italy in the balance, and what it means for the rest of the world. 

Shoe Drops on Eurozone Debt Crisis

"All the big names we have come to know and love over the recent weeks months years are now at risk."

Proof the Oakland Police in infiltrating OWS

Occupy LSX Slam British Media

Occupy London Stock Exchange (LSX) protesters have released a statement criticising the British media for misleading the public saying protesters plan to leave their camp.

“Some media outlets appear to be reporting that Occupy London has agreed to leave if its demands of the Corporation are met. These specific demands only focus on the Corporation and are in no way part of our ongoing dialogue in relation to the Highways Act,” read a statement on their official website.

“There will be further demands from Occupy London in the future as part of its aim to challenge social and economic injustice in the global fight for real democracy.”

The media hype about anti-capitalist protesters' plans to leave their camp outside St Paul's Cathedral came after Occupy LSX protesters issued a set of their demands, emphasizing “the importance of transparency for public bodies, particularly in regard to their financial and lobbying activities,” to the Lord Mayor of London.

Shortly afterwards, the Guardian reported on Tuesday that Occupy London protesters “already planned to move further back on Friday to avoid impeding Remembrance Sunday commemorations, but now conceivably might leave entirely at the weekend.”

Nevertheless, Occupy London protesters categorically announced that the release of the demands is “independent of the continuing process of dialogue between Occupy London and the Corporation of London regarding the Occupation's position in relation to the Highways Act.”

In their initial statement, Occupy LSX protesters demanded transparency on the part of the City of London Corporation, greater public scrutiny into its activities, and more responsibility on its part by being subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

Further embarrassing the British government, Occupy London protesters also announced that they will “join the national student demonstration against fees, cuts and privatisation” on Wednesday 9 November. 

Crosby and Nash join OWS + King Jnr Non-Violence