12 Nov 2011

Cameron and Osborne on the Run The Truth About Markets

Historic show, MUST SEE!
S.L.A. (Silver Liberation Army) has flexed its muscle in the UK, interesting insights in this show. We can make a difference. This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss George Osborne's admission that he has no power over bankers and that the population will always have to pay for their crimes. Max and Stacy also discuss the 'slow motion train robbery' of low interest rates and the use of trending topics on Twitter as price propaganda. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Senator Mike Gravel and his direct democracy initiative and how it could empower the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Truth About Markets - RADIO - Max and Stacy - link

Gerald Celente - Tommy Schnurmacher Show

Gereld Celente suffers a Homer Simpson moment. forgets his own three G's and opts for pop Guns, Gold futures and a the yellow paGes instead! Get's taken by the white shoe boys!

Neo Liberalism & Washington Consensus

In this edition of the show Max interviews Charles Hugh Smith from oftwominds.com. He talks about the Neo liberalism and the Washington consensus and their effects on our current economic crisis.
Angelo: High praise to these two dudes for basically endorsing our long stated feelings on the matter (top right) Debt Jubilee!

KWN - Rickards "CURRENCY WARS" interview

William K. Black on Foreclosure Scandal

In the accompanying interview with Aaron Task, he notes that Treasury or White House officials are fully aware of the fraud, citing FBI testimony as far back as 2004 about rampant fraud in the mortgage marketIn fact, Black says the problems banks are now facing with foreclosure paperwork are simply a result of the foreclosure frauds that were never addressed. "Every time you fail to root out the frauds, the fraud simply migrates. It migrates from the lending process to the foreclosure and servicing process." 
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Isle of Man suffers credit rating downgrade

The Isle of Man has lost its triple-A credit rating and been downgraded one notch by Standard and Poor's Rating Services

The downgrade followed Standard and Poor's (S&P) assessment that the Isle of Man was "constrained by its undiversified small economy, which makes it more vulnerable to external shocks. Source

Every Silver Pullback Is A Gift - Mike Maloney

Radiation Levels Up in Europe, Depleted Uranium & More

Ireland's former richest man declared bankrupt

 (Reuters) Ireland's former richest man, Sean Quinn, was declared bankrupt on Friday after having bet the family fortune on the shares of Ireland's most notoriously profligate bank just before it collapsed. Quinn, 64, developed a quarrying operation in the northern county of Fermanagh in 1973 into a global organisation with insurance and property interests. He amassed a fortune of 4 billion euros (3 billion pounds), before investing massively in the now failed Anglo Irish Bank, one of the biggest casualties of Ireland's property bubble. "It is with great sadness and regret that I have applied for voluntary bankruptcy in the High Court in Belfast today," Quinn said in a statement. A court spokesman confirmed the court had declared him bankrupt. "He doesn't have any ability to pay his debts at this time," Quinn's solicitor, John Gordon, told Ireland's state broadcaster RTE. "He is left with very minimal assets." At the height of the Celtic Tiger property boom in 2008, the Sunday Times rich list named him Ireland's richest man with a fortune then estimated at 3.73 billion pounds, worth 4.7 billion euros at the time.

Colin Powell: Occupy movement 'is as American as apple pie'

CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, broadcast Nov. 10, 2011. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday that he sympathized with the "frustration and angriness" exhibited by "Occupy Wall Street" protesters."I was born in Harlem to immigrant parents, and my parents always had a job," Powell told CNN's Piers Morgan. "And so, people are concerned now that there is not that source of an income. There isn't that work source that I remember.""So, what you're seeing with 'Occupy Wall Street' and the others are people who are unhappy, and they're directing their unhappiness right now towards Wall Street and towards those they think are doing to well in our society," he continued. "And so, demonstrating like this is as American as apple pie. We have been marching up and down and demonstrating throughout our history.

Dylan Ratigan Explains His Rant

Older show:

Eurozone Crisis - InfoWars

War distraction needed for Obama and Netanyahu and Israeli think tanks manipulating the British media.

Media Controlled? Better Get An Envelope!

Surviving The Banker Sociopaths - Bob Chapman