14 Nov 2011

"Stop Accepting Nonsense" Ally Bank Commercial Remix

This Political Remix Video reframes the Ally Bank "Stop Accepting Nonsense" commercial, splicing fragments from Hollywood movies that feature bank heists. The man at the ATM has a reverie of stealing money back from the "too big to fail" banks, such as Goldman Sachs who received taxpayer funded bailouts, and sent over 4 billion in federal tax money to 32 entities, including many overseas banks, hedge funds, and pensions*. Narrating the bank heist interstices is the voice of trends forecaster Gerald Celente (www.trendsresearch.com). The video was inspired in part by Los Angeles-based painter Alex Schaeffer, whose depictions of US megabanks on fire drew much attention in the fall of 2011. In the same fashion that Schaeffer had no intention of performing the acts depicted in his pictures, this video is in no sense a call to violence. Rather, it nods to the fact that the political system is broken, representation of the 99% does not exist, and ensuing crime will be on the rise -- as Celente has also previously forecast -- as people increasingly struggle to find work and food around the globe. Source

The EU's architects never meant it to be a democracy

By Christopher Booker

So, as headlines scream that vain bids to save the euro threaten us with “Armageddon”, the EU’s ruling elite has toppled two more elected prime ministers, to replace them with technocratic officials who can be trusted to do Brussels’s bidding...

US Style Homeland Security Arrives in the UK!!!

Homeland Security used to be a US organisation, but this is no longer the case, it seems. The UK has willingly given up its independence. If you are worried about the possibility of a one world totalitarian government, this is no time to opt out and do nothing. WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Source

Libyan scenario unfolding in Syria

Russia has repeatedly pledged to prevent a Libya-style scenario unfolding in Syria and backed up its promise by vetoing the UN resolution on Syria on October 5. The move caused outrage among the majority of the UNSC member states. Source

Additional: Pro Assad demonstrations
Syrians furious over looming Mideast isolation

Hans says "Nazi's will bring freedom to America"

Gold & silver stake for Wall St. zombie bankers!

Italy's new prime minister, Mario Monti, has began work on forming a new 'technocrat' government to tackle the country's towering debt. An economist and former EU-commissioner, he now has to implement structural economic reforms to pull Italy out of its financial chaos. For more on this, RT talks to Max Keiser, financial analyst and host of the Keiser Report.

‘No responsible leader of Iran would dare not to have the bomb’

Despite the media buzz about a possible war between Israel and Iran, a military conflict between the two countries is unlikely, says Uri Avnery, Israeli peace activist and former parliament member.
America will not allow Israel attack Iran, even if the Israeli cabinet wants to, because Iran would perceive an Israeli attack as an American attack and respond accordingly, he told RT.
“Israel cannot conduct any major military operation without the prior consent of the United States. We need American arms, we need spare parts, we need ammunition. We need, if the war continues, support from America. America will not let us attack Iran,” the activist believes.

Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura

charles hugh smith

The Collapse of Our Corrupt, Predatory, Pathological Financial System Is Necessary and Positive   (November 5, 2011)  

We are being throttled by the Big Lie: we're told that if the predatory financial system implodes, we'll all be ruined. The opposite is true: the only way to save our economy is to let the corrupt, pathological and flawed financial system implode. Link to full document.

...The only way to clear a zombie economy is to write off uncollectable debt and liquidate all the assets, loans and hedges.That would collapse our financial system, but since it is the cause of our political and economic dysfunction, that would be the highest possible good and extremely positive.
There is a great final irony in the scare-mongering threats of the skimmers and their political toadies. If the taxpayers don't bail out the skimmers, then we'll have martial law by the weekend, the smouldering fires of Europe will rekindle into open warfare, and so on.
The irony is the propping up of a deeply, intrinsically pathological and destructive financial system is not saving the economy, it's the reason the economy is imploding. The Big Lie technique of propaganda is to reverse the polarity of reality: we are told up is down until we believe it.

We are told that liquidating the overhang of bad debt, leverage and hedges would "destroy the world as we know it." The truth is that keeping the zombie system from expiring and covering up the corruption with propaganda is what's actually destroying the world as we know it. Thus the collapse of the current financial system of central banks, pathological Wall Street and insolvent banks would be the greatest possible good and the greatest possible positive for the global economy and its participants.

Occupy Portland: Dozens arrested as camps torn apart

Dozens of Occupy protesters have been arrested during a weekend standoff with Portland police. Thousands of people took to the streets to protect their camps in two local parks from being torn apart by officers in riot gear.
At one point, police used loudspeakers to broadcast a warning to protesters that they might use “chemical agents and impact weapons” to control the crowd. However, the authorities have rejected allegations that weapons of any kind were actually used against the demonstrators. 
As the deadline to dismantle the camps in Portland passed, hundreds of protesters remained in their two encampments, prompting riot police to move in to evict them. The standoff continued through the night, as police continued to push protesters back. One demonstrator said police had created a false “sense of calm” before moving in.
"The camp was completely vulnerable, completely defenseless," Choya Adkison said. "I'm disappointed that they created a sense of trust by walking away and then completely trampled it."
Protesters accused police of using excessive force against them as they peacefully discussed what their next move would be after leaving the camp. "We were talking about what we were going to do and then they just started hitting people. Seems like a waste of resources to me," said 27-year-old protester Mike Swain, as cited by AP. Source

Unelected Eurocrats Hijack Sovereign States +

In Italy, former European commissioner Mario Monti is forming a new cabinet to tackle the country’s debt. As technocrat governments take over in Greece and Italy, are the leaders nobody voted for likely to do a better job than the old crew? Source

Angelo: The wolves have just taken charge over the sheep or the bankers in charge of the people. There are two options, debt servitude in perpetuity or r-evolution. For "pacta sunt servanda – agreements must be kept”, we say this is a two way process well phrased by Steve Keen “dishonourable debt should not be honoured” and "clausula rebus sic stantibus - things thus standing” we the people of the world demand a "DEBT JUBILEE!" from the worlds fraudulent and mathematically un-payable debt.
Update: Steve Keen - Occupy Sydney Day 8

Did Mossad kill Iran’s missile research

A key figure in Iran’s missile program has been killed in an explosion at a Revolutionary Guard base in the country. Some reports suggest that the blast which killed Brigade General Hassan Moghaddam and 16 others may have been an act of sabotage.

General Moghaddam was a senior officer involved in developing new long-range ballistic missile designs, and Tehran says many of its missile program’s successes were due to his special skill and expertise.
He and 16 others were killed on Saturday when a shipment of artillery shells detonated at a military site some 25 kilometers west of Tehran. The blast also left 16 people wounded.
US-based radical left-wing commentator Richard Silverstein, who is reputed to have contacts in the Israeli military, said in his blog that he was told the explosion was the work of Mossad. His source said Israeli intelligence had been working with an exile group, the People's Mojaheddin of Iran. Source

The New World Order Is Upon Us!

Alex talks about the prospect of an attack on Iran now that the United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency has released a report accusing the Islamic Republic of working on a nuclear weapon. Alex also talks about his latest video documenting chemtrails in Texas and the world-wide secret program to manipulate the atmosphere. The government now admits it has been "testing" the manipulation of earth's atmosphere with barium salts, aluminum dioxide and other toxic compounds. He also covers the silencing of Ron Paul at the Republican debates on Saturday. Alex confronts the latest news and takes listener calls on today's world-wide transmission.

"America Better Damn WAKE UP!" Jesse Ventura