18 Nov 2011

The 'Technocratic Elite' Are Taking Over: Alex Jones

Back to Tahrir Square One: Egyptians Rally Again

Over 50,000 Egyptians are back on Tahrir Square to demand that the military hand over power to a civilian government. The rally, which has united Islamists and secular protesters, was organized by the Muslim Brotherhood after the government floated a controversial document bolstering the powers of the armed forces.
The document declares the military the guardian of "constitutional legitimacy," suggesting the armed forces could have the final word on major policies even after the presidential election. It also introduces clauses that would shield the military from civilian oversight.
The Brotherhood had avoided confrontation with the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. However, now it warns of escalating protest campaign if plans to give permanent political powers to the military are not scrapped.
Protesters at Friday's rally argue that the generals are recreating the Mubarak regime by cracking down on opposition, refusing to order a thorough reform of the security services and by monopolizing decision making.
Mark Almond, professor of international relations at Bilkent University in Turkey, says the Muslim Brotherhood has personal scores to settle with the military. “There is this strange situation where the military and the Muslim Brotherhood seemed to cooperate at the beginning of the year to get rid of Mubarak,”he said. “But now Muslim Brothers fear that perhaps they have been used, as they were used back in 1952 against King Farouk, only then to be dropped by the generals and to find themselves made illegal. There is a legacy of deep suspicion between Muslim Brothers and the military.” Source

The Doomsday Klein Bottle: Charting Who Owes What To Whom

The Doomsday Klein Bottle: Charting Who Owes What To Whom (Hint: Lots And Everyone)

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Some version of the following BIS-sourced chart from the BBC appears every week somewhere, and by now the default Pavlovian reaction to seeing it should be to think of the Klein bottle. Yet this one may be the prettiest so far. In case anyone was still wondering what happens in a world in which every financial asset is someone else's liability, and that same liability is a third bank's asset (and so on), and where the amounts involved are in the tens of trillions, and when even the smallest debt haircut starts an avalanche of remarking to market, here is the explanation. Oh, and whatever you do, don't click on the US. Because the "US is fine."

Full interactive chart after the jump

Strong Green Resistance & Ongoing Imperialism - Lizzie Phelan

Lizzie talks to a Libyan about the activities of the Green Resistance.
Face to Face with Lizzie Phelan an Independent Journalist who started covering the Libyan assault eight months ago, Superb Analysis - Beyond Libya.

Eurasian Union Launched

The creation of the Eurasian Union serves as a statement of Moscow’s global ambitions and a powerful move to form a supranational alliance to eventually counterweight the unipolar world built after the end of the Soviet Union. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin wants to justify his political decision to run for president for the third time, revealing this time a truly global agenda to be fulfilled, acknowledges international affairs analyst Aleksandr Selivanov.
It sends a clear message to the rest of the world and to the West that Russia is interested in elevating its economical interests from just national level to a supranational level, engaging in building an original project similar to the European Union, but with the lessons learnt from its operations,” considers Selivanov.
Whether the Eurasian Union be only economical, or it will transform into a political one as well is an open question. Putin has already touched on the matter, mentioning there are already ongoing talks at a ministerial level between the three countries about lifting the visa regime, or at least easing it, Selivanov recalls.
The Russian position is that the world is coming through the second stage of the economic crisis and the Russian answer to this crisis is also building a new economic alliance, and Russia really wants to become another economic pole in the world, in line with the concept of multipolarity,” shares analyst. Source

Drones Protest In London

A knowledgable Chris Cole from http://dronewarsuk.wordpress.com is regularly engaged as a speaker against the Drones. Here, he along with others protest at an annual meeting taking place for the proliferation of Drones.

Trends: Economic Martial Law, False Flags, Fascism!

Syria Reacting to the Arab League

A Young Syrian goes over the developments between Syria and The Arab League over the Last days. Embassies on fire in Syria, and somehow, even Palestine and Algeria voted against Syria. Facts on the ground are moving quickly. Is Syria being pushed into a war footing? Source

Jim Rickards, Currency Wars, Real Wars and Gold - Capital Account

In this Capital Account with Lauren Lyster...A report from US Congress says the Chinese renminbi could threaten the dominance of the US dollar within a decade. We've seen tough talk between the countries on currency before, including now, but are we already in the throes of a currency war? We talk to James G. Rickards, author of Currency Wars, who sure thinks so. Meanwhile, US President Obama calls the Asia-Pacific region a top priority of US security policy. And the US is stationing troops in Australia reportedly to counter China's expanding influence. But could the next war be waged not with boots on the ground, or drones for that matter, but with financial weapons: stocks, bonds, and derivatives? Also, one clothing company thinks they have a better solution for US-China relations. It involves world leaders making love, not war. Uploaded by  on Nov 17, 2011

Fierce clashes, firebombs as thousands flood Athens

Masked youngsters have attacked police in Athens as tens of thousands poured onto the streets to protest the unity government’s public spending cuts and steep tax hikes.
Some 7,000 police were deployed as more than 30,000 protestors filled the streets of Athens Thursday to protest against step austerity measures as Greece teeters on the brink of collapse. Source

EU crisis management ‘stuck in past Source

Greeks in streets again: ‘Austerity junta’ warned. Source

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Violence has broken out in Athens, New York and across Italy as anger caused by economic strife boils over on the streets. In Athens, masked youths threw firebombs at police outside parliament. Police responded with tear gas and stun grenades, temporarily halting the demonstration of around 30,000 people. No injuries or arrests have been reported. 

Greeks rallied to mark the 38th anniversary of the day in 1973 when military tanks quashed a student rebellion at the Athens Polytechnic. Some 7,000 police officers were deployed as the city braced itself for anti-austerity demonstrations arising from the annual march. Authorities feared the threat of trouble this year was much more acute thanks to anger at the price being paid by ordinary workers for the country's economic crisis.

Blood On Wall Street: Violent OWS Arrests

Hundreds of people have been arrested during clashes between police and Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in New York. Some protesters were bloodied during arrests. Source

Ruin & Rebuild: Warfare worth $300bln Libya windfall

Libya has big plans for its post-war future, hoping to be reborn as the next Dubai and having all the necessary sun and beaches, with oil reserves aplenty. British companies are likely to come out on top of those lining up for a piece of the action.
It was France and the UK who initially led the effort to topple Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Britain, together with France, sent their navy and fighter jets to establish a sea blockade and assault military targets on Libyan territory.
Now the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya says its friends will be rewarded – and these are not just words.
In the last two weeks, the UK Department for Trade and Industry led a working party to Libya to look around at what needed rebuilding. The British government department estimates that Libyan contracts, in sectors from oil and gas to education and construction, could be worth some $315 billion over the next decade. Source

Internet Titans Fight SOPA

Dew interviews Andrew Couts of Digital Trends about the push by the Department of Justice to make it a punishable crime to lie on the internet and violate the terms of service of websites. 


Super Mario Milton: 'Bilderberg Technocrat'

Gross Says Europe Is Biggest Risk to U.S. Economy

Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bill Gross, co-chief investment officer at Pacific Investment Management Co., and Laurence Fink, chief executive officer of BlackRock Inc., talk about the European sovereign-debt crisis and Germany's response. They spoke with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker yesterday at an alumni event hosted by the UCLA Anderson School of Management and Bloomberg Television. Bloomberg Television's special event, "Heavy Hitters: Gross / Fink," airs Monday, Nov. 21, at 10pm Eastern time. Source

The Euro Crisis - Debt By Design

The debt crisis in Greece and Italy presents itself as an opportunity for the Global Elite to gain an even tighter grip on the economies of every country within the European Union. The crisis is by design and their goal is for an eventual one world currency. In the face of these troubling times national sovereignty will be under attack as the international banksters attempt to consolidate their power.