28 Nov 2011

Occupy Fatherhood - Fathers Care Bears

MF Global Mastermind Corzine, Designed Obama's Economic Policy - Peter Schiff

Italian Job: Stealing 2,451.8 tons of gold with style

Cheated & Disowned: 'Greek 'tragedy' will take down rest of Eurozone'

Greek MP Simos Kedikoglou shares his thoughts with RT on what the future holds for a Europe struggling to contain its debt epidemic... Source

Bond Wars Continue - Gold and Silver News

MIke Maloney says, "Throughout the history of civilizations an epic battle has always been waged. This past week the battle was fought in the bond market. Gold was proposed as a possible solution. Source

UK on the brink of double-dip recession, warns OECD

The west's leading economic thinktank has warned that Britain faces sliding into a double-dip recession this winter.
(Angelo: "The west's leading economic thinktank"? Our humble website and its linked associates seem to be light years ahead of this lofty institution. Are we the vanguard?)
In disappointing news for George Osborne as he puts the finishing touches to Tuesday's autumn statement, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said output would fall in the final three months of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012.
The Paris-based OECD said it expected the UK to grow by 0.6% in 2012 as a whole but the two consecutive quarters of contraction fulfil the technical definition of a recession. In its half-yearly healthcheck on theglobal economy, the thinktank cut its growth forecasts for all the west's major economies and urged policymakers to take urgent action to prevent the contagion spreading from Europe's sovereign debt crisis. Full story/Source

“I am being prosecuted for not cooking the books,” Mr Georgiou told the Financial Times.

The head of Elstat, Greece’s new independent statistics agency, faces an official criminal investigation for allegedly inflating the scale of the country’s fiscal crisis and acting against the Greek national interest.
Andreas Georgiou, who worked at the International Monetary Fund for 20 years, was appointed in 2010 by agreement with the fund and the European Commission to clean up Greek statistics after years of official fudging by the finance ministry.
“I am being prosecuted for not cooking the books,” Mr Georgiou told the Financial Times. “We would like to be a good, boring institution doing its job. Unfortunately, in Greece statistics is a combat sport.” Full story/Source

US Demands Wikileaks Destroy Incriminating Files + Assange's Own Story

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has told a media summit that the US government has ordered Wikileaks to destroy all the material is has published on them and stop working with its sources in the government. 

“[When we released our documents] the Pentagon said we must destroy everything we published and were going to publish,” Assange said.  ”And if we didn’t, we would be ‘compelled to do so,’” the summit’s website says.
Assange made the allegation in the course of a speech made via Skype at the News 2011 Summit in Hong Kong. Reports say he is being forced by police to stop talking at the summit – exactly the kind of oppressive official action his work has been highlighting.  
He was met with a storm of applause from journalists as he appeared on the screen.
Julian Assange is facing extradition from the UK to Sweden on rape charges. His defense believes the extradition could lead to their client facing prosecution in America for his involvement in WikiLeaks.
News executives and media owners from over 80 countries have gathered in Hong Kong for the summit to discuss editorial principles and tools as well as business models for news media. The summit, which started on Sunday, will last for four days. Source

Assange's latest leak: his own story of how he fell out with 'backstabbing' press(titutes)

The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has launched a scathing attack on British journalism, labelling it the most "credit-stealing, credit-whoring, backstabbing industry" he has ever encountered.

The comments reveal the depth of distrust between Mr Assange and senior journalists at The Guardian newspaper, with whom he fell out over an agreement to publish thousands of secret US diplomatic cables alongside two other international newspapers last year.
The film, to be aired on More4 tomorrow, charts how a pact to publish the contents of more than 75,000 leaked US cables in a deal between The Guardian, The New York Times and Germany's Der Spiegel went interminably sour leading to bitter fallouts with all three newspapers. It comes as Mr Assange is still embroiled in a fight to avoid extradition to Sweden where he faces allegations of sex crimes. Senior judges will meet in London next Monday to decide whether an appeal will be heard by the Supreme Court. Unless leave is granted, it is likely that Mr Assange could be back on a plane to Stockholm by Christmas.
In the film, Mr Assange brands The Guardian's David Leigh as "deplorable" and retaliates at his colleague, Nick Davies, who brands Assange an "extraordinarily dishonest man". "One of the most extraordinary things about British journalism is that it is the most credit-stealing, credit-whoring, backstabbing industry ever encountered. And Nick Davies is part of that industry," Assange says.
As well as propelling Mr Assange to international stature, WikiLeaks sparked an international diplomatic crisis especially after the broken pact between the papers led to a further batch of cables alleged to include the names of Afghan informers, making them vulnerable to reprisals. In a rare admission in the film, Mr Assange conceded it was a "regrettable oversight" but the ultimate blame still remained with the US military and that information "should never have been included... and falsely classified".
The documentary, True Stories: WikiLeaks, also reveals the animosity he harboured towards The New York Times after it threatened to inform the White House of the contents of some of the cables.
He says: "Once a media group is powerful for long enough, it starts to enter into a relationship with other powerful groups, because other powerful groups seek its favour, seek to makes deals with it and the individuals who run it. It stops seeing itself as a group that holds powerful groups to account and starts seeing itself as part of the social network of the elite. That's why fundamentally mainstream media cannot be trusted." In his career as a computer hacker and internet publisher, Mr Assange has fallen out with numerous people who have worked with him. Source

CrossTalk on Bahrain: Forgotten Spring

The BICI report has accused Bahraini security forces of wrongdoing, but is the issue of the report enough justify the regime? Will the international community buy it? And will the opposition take it seriously even if some of the report's recommendations are implemented? Is Iran to blame for the unrest of the Bahraini people? Or is it another Arab Spring against corruption and injustice? CrossTalking with Mitchell Belfer, Kate Hudson and Peter Eyre. Source

Obama's Indefinite, preventative, detention ideas - Rachel Maddow

Angelo: What's that about the UK following in the USA's footsteps? Good forbid!

Ukrainian Topless Protests Go Global + It's Only Sexist When Men Do It

“We had staged a lot of protests against Berlusconi and his sexual adventures here in Kiev. And we are really happy his political career has finished,” activist Aleksandra Shevchenko told RT.
“Women from Italy came to us in Switzerland and said: ‘We know that you’re coming to Rome and will be staging protests against Berlusconi and the Pope. Thank you,’ they said, ‘for sharing our problems,’” Alexandra Shevchenko continued.“We understood that classic feminism no longer works,” Inna Shevchenko said. “It is, if you excuse me, impotent. But what we do brings the desired effect. That’s why not only Ukraine needs us, but Europe as well. We are planning to take over the world.”We receive lots of letters telling us to continue fighting religious injustice towards women, especially in Muslim states. That’s where we want to develop,” Alexandra Shevchenko told RT. We are even ready to go to Iran or any other Islamic state to stage our topless protests, knowing all risks it could entail for us.” Source

Wholesale misandry across the UK, corrupt all female 'social services' 'kangaroo courts' all in plain view, population brain washed, society feminized, Read:
Misandry is no myth.


Misandry In the UK - The father love that dare not speak its name


 It's Only Sexist When Men Do It

London Occupy Activist - Tahrir Inspired Everyone

Josh is very articulate - we see a bit of the personal in him as well as a very erudite assessment of the growing worldwide revolution. He also explains how he was charged with assaulting a Police Officer. Source

Democrazy: Regime change - 21st century energy source?

Italy Is Closer To Collapse Than Anyone Realized, And So Is The World

Bruce Krasting: Some stories in European press (La Stampa - Zero Hedge link) suggest that Italy is working on a very big loan package from the IMF. I have no doubt that there are ongoing discussions. There has to be. Either someone puts a finger in the dike or Italy goes tapioca.
That thought is difficult for me to fathom. How could we be so close to the brink? At this point there is zero possibility that Italy can refinance any portion of its $300b of 2012 maturing debt. If there is anyone at the table who still still thinks that Italy can pull off a miracle, they are wrong. I’m certain that the finance guys at the ECB and Italian CB understand this. I repeat, there is a zero chance for a market solution for Italy. Either the ECB (aka Germany) steps in and underwrites the debt with some form of Euro bonds or the IMF (aka the USA) steps in with some very serious money...
I believe it has caught everyone flatfooted. Central bankers and finance officials all over the globe are crapping in their pants.
I think the Italian story is make or break. Either this gets fixed or Italy defaults in less than six months. The default option is not really an option that policy makers would consider. If Italy can’t make it, then there will be a very big crashing sound. It would end up taking out most of the global lenders, a fair number of countries would follow into Italy’s vortex. In my opinion a default by Italy is certain to bring a global depression; one that would take many years to crawl out of. The policy makers are aware of this too.
So I say something is brewing. And yes, if there is a plan in the works it must involve the IMF. And yes, it’s going to be big.
Please do not read this and conclude that some headline is coming that will make us all feel happy again. I think headlines are coming. But those headlines are likely to scare the crap out of the markets once the implications are understood. Full story/Source

European Regulation Costs €600 Billion Year, Benefits €120 Billion

MEP Dan Hannan Says "Move the rocks so the grass an grow."

Alice In Wonderland To The Vampire Squid - by Youri Carma

Wonder What Would Alice In Wonderland Say To The Vampire Squidby Youri Carma
It’s only very logical that in the end Germany’s triple-A status would be challenged when implying to be the ‘lender of last resort’. First Germany and the like were laughing and pushing Greece around cause as long as the money streams were diverted into the big banks the show could go on.
But now they’s not laughing anymore because now it has become crystal clear to everyone that EU’s total debt impossibly can’t be payed by Germany alone. Even less so now Europe’s economical situation is deteriorating rapidly. Also because of insane austerity measures which do not only not work but accomplish exactly the opposite in causing a sharp economical downfall in an increasing ‘debt spiral’. We don’t have to quess anymore what that looks like because that’s exactly what has happened to Argentina before and we’re seeing exactly the same happening now in PIIGS.
Soevereign debt rollovers are no longer possible at a low prices while tax money income dries up in a totaly sqeezed private deleveraging debt hole further battered down by high inflation numbers mainly trough high sustaining oil prices which affects almost everything including food. All in all the ECB would need around an estimated 6 trillion to accommodate their imediate and inter-imediate funding needs. One can imagine that this is a very dead street the ECB would be turning into because debts which can’t be payed won’t be payed even if you’re called ‘Germany’.
So the best way would be to have a very close look at the debt substance in order to wipe out most of the interbank crosslinked bogus derivative debts which were mainly induced by fraud. Remember that the Dutch Tulip Mania finaly ended by judges declaring that they regarded the debts as contracted through gambling, and thus not enforceable by law. The Dutch Tulip Mania allready happened in in the year 1637 mind you! I merely want to point out that there’s noting new to be found under the sun here.
People finaly have to realize how this game is laid out. People have been brainwashed into the false idea that we actually have to stand for their by fraud induced debts. Once you believe that you’ve got to realize that the banksters realy got you by the balls. And so that’s exactly the reason why they eventually will go down, the hubris, envoked by people who realy believe these fairy tales. To them I like to say: “Welcome to Alice in Wonderland.”
The idea is that politicians will always follow the way of the less resistance meaning: They eventually will print like crazy cause, after all, they seek imediate political satisfaction. Politicians who see the future as the next nasty round the bigot block which they might not survive this time. OK sofar I follow this idea but is this actually going to be the final outcome? In other words is Germany realy going to ‘Jump the Shark’ again by printing?
Goldman Sachs and it’s European hacks, who are fond of volatility so they can sell more of their CDS’s insurance products to Europe, are greatly pleasured by the massive printing idea.Who cares about inflation flushing the real economy down the drain? If Lloyd blankfein’s doing “God’s work”, God defenitely must be ‘A Boogie Man’ The cynical fact of the matter with these banksters is that nobody has to burn them down since the system is created as a selfdestructive device by these masters of the trillion dollar derivative universe. So kick back and enjoy the view of these suicide banksters burning themselves down to the ground. Unfortunately they are not the patient, we are. They are the cancer infecting the real economy and sucking it dry with their bogus derivative debts.
So maybe many finaly come to the crystal clear workable solution like calling void all bankster bogus derivative debts. Because paying off these trough fraud induced debts have become a technical and practical impossibility. It’s impossible to find a concensus for tax money to be spend in paying of fraudulent, essentially gambling, debts let alone higher them because they comitted even more fraud and need more money. Such an unequilibrium is unsustainable in the end. Everybody can see that and that somthing has to be done by somebody to drasticaly decrease the final debts in the system after which it can be restarted with a fresh and cleaned up balance sheet.
A restart is defenitely required by which sustainable economical growth is actually possible and not some wet Goldman Sachs’s American psycho ‘God complex’ dream with chainsaws and loads of red ink down the white. “Why!??” : I ask the vampire squid: “Simply because I am a vampire squid and that’s what vampire squids do.” Wonder what Alice in Wonderland would have said to the Vampire Squid? Source

Art by WB7

“Greece is under economic occupation” – filmmaker

RT's Sara Firth talks to Aris Hatzistefanou, author of the documentary "Debtocracy", who casts doubt on the course EU leaders have chosen, to tackle the debt crisis.