1 Dec 2011

British govt. fails to fix financial crisis - Rubber bullets in UK SOON

"We must take on the banksters and nationalise the banks"

Spy Files: WikiLeaks exposes dark secrets of surveillance

The whistleblowing website Wikileaks has begun releasing sensational information on the multi billion dollar global spying industry. The database contains hundreds of documents shining a light on the methods being used by secret services all over the world. Source

Ali G - Nukes Gingrich

'US poker, Iran chess: Lies vs strategy'

European foreign ministers are expected to discuss fresh sanctions against Iran, following an attack on the UK embassy in Tehran. Ahead of the talks in Brussels, British Foreign Secretary William Hague called for increased economic pressure and isolation on Iran's financial sector. On Tuesday, hundreds of protesters attacked the UK embassy, occupying it for several hours. The demonstrations came after Iran resolved to reduce diplomatic ties with the UK following its decision to impose further sanctions over its nuclear programme. Violence prompted Britain to close the Iranian embassy in London and to pull its own diplomats out of the Islamic state's capital. Political analyst and author Adrian Salbuchi says the West is waging a complex war against Islamic countries. Source

Bailout Bombers: Italy's billion-euro F-35 'suicide mission'

Italy has found itself in a severe economic crisis, with the country's debt reaching over two trillion euros. But at a time when Italians want to cut costs and create jobs, the government has another plan in the works, which critics say, is nothing more than 'economic suicide. Source

Überdebten - Keiser Report

 Überdebten, financial eugenics and secret Fed loans. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Karl Denninger about MF Global, pepper spraying banksters and Occupy Wall Street. Source

Crossing Police Lines: US cops defect to OWS

Police in Los Angeles have cleared one of the last and longest-standing 'Occupy' camps in the U.S, making 300 arrests in the process. These latest arrests bring the total across the whole 'Occupy' movement to almost 5,000, but now police are starting to defect to the other side. Our correspondent Marina Portnaya has been finding out why some people have been choosing to make history instead of making arrests. Source

Capital Account: James Rickards on the Fed's European Bailout and a Global Central Bank

Irish Wanking Bankers - An Irishman Abroad.

Jeremy Clarkson: 'execute' public sector workers, says BBC Top Gear host

In a series of gaffes on the corporation’s popular The One Show, the 51 year-old suggested that public sector workers should be shot dead in front of their families.

The veteran television presenter and newspaper columnist, whose show is broadcast on BBC Two, also complained about being delayed by people throwing themselves in front of trains.

The public broadcaster issued a swift on-air apology, saying he sometimes overstepped the mark in his quest for "comic" value. Source

"China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third World War"

Nigel Farage Slams Supposedly-Austere EU For Bribing Croatia To Join The 'Bent, Corrupt, And Distorted' Party

Transcript: Last September I went to Croatia. I wanted to find out whether a proper national debate is going on; whether there was afair campaign.What did I find? I found that the EU is doing everything it can to bribe the poitical class in Croatia - doing it quite well, really, too. Already the EU has given 320 million euros to Croatia in what is called pre-accession aid. The EU has just spent a million euros on a blatant propaganda advertising campaign, telling Croatia that the EU is their only hope.Cleverly, you've even given jobs to Croatians - highly paid jobs to Croatians in the European Parliament and in the European Commission just to show them how well off they'll be - the ruling class will be - if they join, and you've got EU flags flying on official buildings all over the country to give the impression that it's a done deal.You've got some willing helpers, because the old Communists are still there in Croatia, they still hold all the positions of power and they will all become personally enormously wealthy if Croatia joins the European Union.And there is an even more sinister side to this, because there is not a free press in Croatia. There is no national debate going on at all. Indeed a prize has been offered - 10,000 kunas have been offered if anybody can find an article in any Croatian newspaper suggesting that joining isn't the right thing to do.The whole campaign is bent, corrupt and distorted. We've seen this before from the European Union, but I think it's happening on a scale in Croatia that is worse than I've seen before.This country has for nearly a thousand years sought independence. And for 20 years they've had independence - they got out of the failed political experiment that was Yugoslavia - and if they vote to join the European Union, they're voting to rejoin a new Yugoslavia - a failing political experiment that will implode.I hope there is, in the last month or two a debate in Croatia. Sadly, I doubt it. Source