22 Dec 2011

RAP NEWS X - #Occupy2012

The year we've all been waiting for - 2012AD (or, if you ask a Mayan) - is finally here. What will happen? Will we see the poles shift or a paradigm shift? Will a rogue Sumerian planet smash into our solar system, plunging us into serfdom under the iron fist of a race of gold-hungry aliens? Or are the aliens already here? Or are all these merely humanity's collective projections of itself as it careens towards an ever-accelerating super-connected cyber-reality - whatever that means... One thing's sure, if 2011 was a prelude of things to come, 2012 is going to be one hell of a year. Now that it has arrived, are we ready? Join your host Robert Foster and his guests, Terrence Moonseed and General Baxter, as they conduct an in-depth rap analysis into the future, and humanity's place in it. Happy New YERA! Source

Korean War, Manning Up, Funding Terror - New World Next Week

Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. Source

Infographic - Are Guns And Ammo The New Gold?

Tyler Durden's pictureThere are those who contend that when fiat dies, gold and precious metals will take its place. Then, a smaller subset out there, claims that it matters not who owns the gold or silver. All that matters is who is in charge of the lead. The inforgraphic from ammo.net (link to source) may shed some much needed light on the topic, which as recent Thanksgiving record sales indicated, more and more people are starting to lock in on (and load).

Medvedev launches sweeping reforms in last address - Russia

President Dmitry Medvedev has said it is time for a comprehensive reform of Russia's political system, which would give citizens an opportunity to be more involved in the political life of the country. Making his final address to the Federal Assembly as president, Medvedev outlined the key components necessary for achieving political reform. Source

Capitalism Without Capital? Tapeworm Ltd., CEO David Cameron - on the Keiser Report

Lizard King is back, discuss the radical redistribution of gold and silver property in the US and the radical experiment in the UK to have capitalism without capital. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Professor Steve Keen about the UK's financial sector debt which is at least 4 times as large as US financial sector debt before the global financial crisis began.Source

In Memory of Dear Leader Kim Jong-il - About DPRK

A conversation with Kai who has a YouTube channel dedicated to North Korea. Some information and support for anti-imperialism. Source

If A Global Recession Is Not Looming, Then Why Are Bailouts Flying Around As If The End Of The World Is Coming?

I have learned that watching what people do is much more important than listening to what they say.  Back in 2008, financial authorities in the United States insisted that everything was gone to be okay.  But we all know now that was a lie.  Well, right now financial authorities in the U.S. and Europe are once again trying to assure us that everything is under control and that we are not headed for a global recession.  Unfortunately, their actions are telling a very different story.  All over the world, bailouts are flying around as if the end of the world is coming.  Governments and central banks are stepping in with gigantic mountains of money to prop up bond yields, major banks and even stock markets.  What we have seen over the past few months has been absolutely unprecedented. So why are such desperate measures being taken if everything is going to be just fine?  Unfortunately, debt problems are never solved with more debt, so these bailouts really aren't solving anything.  We are still headed for a massive amount of financial pain.  It would just be nice if the authorities would quit lying to us and would actually admit how bad things really are.

Today it was announced that the European Central Bank has agreed to make $638 billion in 3 year loans to 523 different banks.  Never before (not even during the last financial crisis) has the ECB loaned so much cheap money to European banks at one time.
This move by the ECB made headlines all over the globe.  CNBC is calling them "ultra-long and ultra-cheap loans".
European authorities are hoping that European banks will use this money to make loans to businesses and to buy up the debt of troubled European governments.... AGAIN! Read the full story at source

If the global financial system was in good shape, all of these bailouts would not be happening. These desperate measures are a clear sign that something is up. The financial authorities of the world are doing their best to keep the system together, but in the end they are not going to be able to prevent the collapse that is coming. The world is heading for incredibly hard economic times.
So is the end of the world coming? No. But to many in the financial world it may feel like it.  The coming global recession is not going to be fun. We have now reached a point where it has become "normal" for governments and central banks to throw money at one financial crisis after another.
At one time, bailouts were so unusual that they provoked a great deal of outrage. Today, bailouts have become standard operating procedure. The bailouts will continue to get larger and larger, and authorities all over the globe will do their very best to keep the house of cards from coming crashing down.
Unfortunately, they will not be successful.

Cenk Uygur Cuts Off Peter Schiff's Mic Then Kicks Him Off The Show!

Sweden Legalizes and Regulates Cannabis?

The Swedish Parliament has approved a law which will regulate the growing, usage and trade of cannabis. This is according to the Health and Social Services of Sweden, Jonas Grönhög, who was quoted, "We don't want to make the same mistakes which the USA has done, we do not want to be prohibitionists because the war on drugs has been lost long ago. It is better to prevent marginalization of young people than jail them for soft drugs usage which are comparatively harmless. If we allow the sale of alcohol, there is no reason to ban the soft drugs no longer." 
Cannabis products are going to be available in the pharmacies in Sweden as non-prescription medicine since April 20 in 2012 and customers more than 18-year-old can buy 10 grams at once.  Growing for personal usage will be tolerated up to 200 grams of dried marijuana and larger amounts stay illegal. It is likely that this will target the Police resources on more serious crime, especially on organized crime, drug trafficking and trafficking in human beings which have been increased for lack of the Police resources in recent years. Source
Update: Sorry folks... it's a hoax!
Sweden, in fact, has fairly heavy cannabis laws with even the suspicion of smoking, possessing, or selling cannabis being enough reason for police to be able to require submission to search and even drug testing. This year alone, the Swedish government spent $7.5 million (USD) on campaigns against marijuana smoking in major cities around the country – that’s over and above the law enforcement and other funds spent in the Swedish anti-drug campaigns. The Internet at large, though the story has been spread far and wide, has begun to debunk this obvious hoax. The above-mentioned source for the story has now been downplayed on Reddit to the point that it’s nearing 50:50 up and down votes. Source
Sorry, folks, but it just ain’t true. Sweden did not legalize marijuana.

Caller Angie Breaks Down Martial Law Scenario Under BFSA Program!

Alex is angry and "about to have a heart attack!" "Blue force situational awareness smoking gun". "Talk about killing american citizens." Source