27 Feb 2012

UK court sets deadline for St. Paul campers - The Real Deal

Occupy protesters in Britain have been camping out on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral for the last four months but during the week they lost what seemed to be their last court case and they now face eviction. 

Meanwhile, the Royal bank of Scotland has been bailed out by the British government in the largest bank rescue for £45 billion which is over $70 billion with British government owning 82 percent of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland).

On the other hand, millions of British local authority workers are to have their wages frozen for a third successive year.

Last week, Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan ended his 66 day hunger strike over his detention by Israel in a deal that will see him released in 2 months.

Furthermore, Hamas and Fatah will also be meeting and seem to be close to the illusive unity deal after five years of bitter division. Source