5 Feb 2012

US Politicians Display Gross Ignorance

The blunders of U.S. politicians have inspired jokes and parodies for decades. With the Presidential election campaign heating up, there's a whole new supply of ammunition. But as Marina Portnaya reports, some believe the comments are displays of ignorance and disregard for world affairs ... and no laughing matter.

1 comment:

  1. "...no laughing matter." A factor that allows us to live with the undercover death and destruction wrought on our world, (having not only in many cases ceded personal responsibility for such to politicians like these) engineered by the corporate cabal (these fools in cahoots with the big buck entities, banks MIT's Corporations, Govt bureaucracy who keep getting it wrong for us but right for themselves) with us often on board to the extent of a whooping maniacal frenzy or pretending it does not exist and just hoping it will go away or simply having no energy to deal with it having expended it all on just keeping things together. I am thankful to those who have the time and energy to protest this farce. Even if they are sometimes just as ignorant and just acting out of instinct. This is what the Occupy struggle is about. Ignorance is not bliss and this is the time for a shift, not change. ZZZ zzz zzz zzz zzz zz........ Wake up!