18 Apr 2012

Assange 'traitor', show 'foul' - The World Tomorrow sparks media storm

The much anticipated show by Julian Assange finally burst onto TV screens around the globe - with controversy not only about the host but his guests as well. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, whose identity was kept secret until broadcast - was the first person interviewed by the world's most prominent whistleblower. RT's Gayane Chichakyan rates the premiere's impact.



The world's most famous whistleblower attracted controversy mainly due to his choice of guest and the channel chosen to broadcast the show. American journalist and anti-war activist Don DeBar says there's nothing suprising in the wave of criticism against Assange's show in the U.S., given how whistleblowers are treated there. Source

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  1. Assange is a hero plain and simple. So is any whistle blower especially regarding any arm of the civil services from schools to army to government to the police.

    The first interview was excellent, a dose of reality in an otherwise sanitised to benefit the military industrial complex bollox storyline intent on breeding the backward notion that we are better than others and that they are animals who are acceptable "collateral damage."

    Hitler was a bastard but Israel is super groovy. I can't quite see the difference between the nazi ss third reich movie and israel the USA or dear England today.