19 Apr 2012

Death Of The West: Cultural Marxism And The Frankfurt School + Steven Pinker on Taboos, Political Correctness, and Dissent + WAR AGAINST BOYS - Feminism without Mercy + The Life and Death of Radical Feminism + Cultural Marxism for Dummies + An Informal Conversation with GirlWritesWhat about MGTOW, Feminism and Stuff...

By : Bill Lind deconstructs the deconstructionists of the Frankfurt School, explaining their “critical theory” and exposing their efforts to translate economic Marxism into cultural terms.  There is a civil war for the soul of the West.  It is a cold war for our culture.  The Left has defined the rules by which this war will be fought, and it is called political correctness.  I don’t believe we will kindly oblige them.


 Steven Pinker on Taboos, Political Correctness, and Dissent
TheFIREorg: FIRE President Greg Lukianoff interviews Harvard psychology professor and bestselling author Steven Pinker about his books, the crucial role dissent plays in keeping society sane, the special importance of free speech on campus, and the origins of political correctness. Professor Pinker, a member of FIRE's Board of Advisors, is the author of The Blank Slate, The Better Angels of our Nature, and The Stuff of Thought.

Read more at http://fir.ee/O22F9R.


Produced by Ted Balaker. Interview by Greg Lukianoff. Camera by Darby Duffin and Kyle Laffey. Music by audionautix.com.


WAR AGAINST BOYS - Feminism without Mercy
CBLucePolicyInst: Christina Hoff Sommers discusses the war against boys, feminism, and gender equity at this University of Pennsylvania Law School event. Source


The Life and Death of Radical Feminism
Stefan Molyneux: One of the greatest tragedies to befall both genders was state-sponsored, anti-family radical feminism. Source

The Revolution of the Mind


We live in an era of upheaval with the word "revolution" on the tip of many a tongue. But what kind of revolution is it to be? We scour the secret text of Emmanuel Goldstein and the scientific philosophy of Thomas Kuhn in search of the only revolution that matters: the revolution of the mind. Source

Alienation of males from the reproductive process, the overuse of Ritalin on boys, the disappearance of males on University campuses 

Campus Censorship and the End of Debate
For over a generation, shocking cases of censorship at America's colleges and universities have taught students the wrong lessons about living in a free society. This video explains how higher education fails to teach its students to become critical thinkers by supercharging ideological divisions, promoting groupthink, and encouraging an unscholarly certainty about complex issues.

For more on this issue, read Greg Lukianoff's new book Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate. Visit www.unlearningliberty.com

Cultural Marxism for Dummies
RockingMrE: To leftists, anything that exposes them is a conspiracy theory.

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An Informal Conversation with GirlWritesWhat about MGTOW, Feminism and Stuff...

Payday Monsanto
From Russia With Love

Edited by AA


  1. Lost Something ?

    I am the thoughts inside your head
    the conciseness they thought was dead
    the words you are afraid to voice
    in this illusion we call choice
    I tell you, you will not find me
    inside polite society
    where with raise fingers 
    they sip tea
    and dream dreams of mediocrity
    where every person they protect
    by being politically correct
    sleepwalking into censorship
    which in truth is dictatorship
    sent down from Liberal mother ship
    where politicians practice platitude
    pretending they are great and good
    and inside the church beneath the steeple
    the pews are filled brain dead sheeple
    who from the moment 
    they were born
    were only taught 
    they must conform
    they swallowed it all
    hook, line and sinker
    you must not become a thinker
    above all you must never question
    or even offer a suggestion
    you are not wanted here
    do you not know we rule by fear
    and so I am kept in the gutter
    where with the misfits 
    I can mutter
    on the edge, along the fringe
    the place where power will never hinge
    wrapped up in a straightjacket
    so cooperation's can make a packet
    while the working class across the nation
    survive severe exploitation
    even though you watch the news 
    you miss the tricks the media use
    distract distort
    reality rarely report
    ideology import
    manipulate misinform 
    truth-less tails try to transform
    and through all this
    you must confess
    you lost something 
    with your progress
    and so I give this bitter pill
    you have lost me
    your own free will
    Forty Two
    © Forty Two 2013, all rights reserved.

  2. Great poem Forty, thank you. :-)

  3. FYI we choose to keep content banned by youtube listed for the record. ...What the 'cancel culture' powers that be don't want us to know.