27 Apr 2012

U.S. OBEY - FKN Newz

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  1. Deek is cool, but here he confirms himself to be a warmest nazi. I mention this to push my own position.

    I have a theory that war has a greater effect on weather than man in normal life, even highly consumptive life. I do agree that we should pay some attention to sharpening up our game for less waste. I am weary of the short sighted trap of seeing the world as the centre of the universe, or in this case mankind. I have this funny idea that we are not and that for example, the sun has a greater impact at than us.

    I converge with the warmists as we are creating and using more bombs (mini suns) and being careless (Fukishima), but my money is on an ice age next.

    Just had to mention this as I found myself feeling sick at the end of Deek's latest offering above.

    Investment tips: book up, cheep stash of emergency storable surveil food (big bag of rice) short term savings in physical precious metals stored outside the bankster system and thermal under ware for the coming freeze;)