21 Apr 2012

Wells Fargo Banksters Profiting From For-Profit Prisons + Small Town vs. Giant Private Prison Corporation

The US prison system is notorious and lately there has been a major shift in privatizing facilities within the industry. Currently, one out of every 100 Americans is behind bars, making the US the country with the highest incarnation rates in the world.
The prison industrial complex has a vested interest in keeping people locked up. Wells Fargo is one of the companies that is profiting for the practice and Axel Caballero, founder of Cuentame, joins us with more on the prison industrial complex. Source

How far will for-profit immigrant detention centers go for a dollar!? The community around Southwest Ranches has made it clear it doesn't want take part in the incarceration of immigrants for sale. Pembroke Pines went as far as voting to cutoff water and waste services to Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a clear message that South Floridians repudiate the private and abusive facilities! The response? CCA is NOW suing the town and going to the extreme to continue this nightmare.

Sign the petition! Tell Debbie: Say no to CCA! http://mycuenta.me/iv

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  1. The ultimate indictment of the statement, "Don't upset the Americans or they will bring democracy to your country!"