16 Jun 2012

How dangerous mercury-containing energy saving light bulbs really are

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`When meteorologists use the term "mercury", so these are a relic of the past. Because since 2009 are thermometers that contain mercury, banned in the EU. That same year, however, decided by the same EU to force the citizens to the use of mercury lamps. It was about saving energy to environmental protection, the fight against global warming - and about business. How dangerous are the unpopular forced bulbs are actually prescribed will, in the documentary "Bulb Fiction" by Christoph Mayr explains in detail.
Whether the new lamps that look strange to dive into the home and unusual light at the same time more expensive than conventional bulbs, and actually so much energy is saved, may lead to long discussions. That mercury vapor is highly toxic, it is a fact.
At the end of this article there is a 7-minute presentation by Christoph Mayr's documentary "Bulb Fiction - The lie of energy saver" ., available since May of this year is shown in this short clip including the tragic fate of the family of louse from Linden Upper Bavaria. A single energy saving bulb broke. Since then, her 4-year-old son Max sick. lost hair on the head completely, the child is repeatedly plagued by tremors. The house is uninhabitable for years.

Mercury vapors absorbed through the respiratory tract damage, nerve cells in the brain. The chemist Gary Zörner puts it in these words: "And then accumulates and is always a bit more ill, and every little bit makes a little bit more mercury stupid - because it attacks the brain yes!"
Mercury is used in thermometers disappeared long ago. Wikipedia informs that the sale of mercury thermometers since April 2009 is banned in the EU. Exactly the opposite is the case with mercury lamps. Which are forced upon us by the EU. That representatives from Osram and Philips, Europe's only manufacturer of light bulbs practically, the EU working group belonging, brings with it the suspicion that perhaps more economic interests are at the forefront. Because of environmental protection, the environmental contamination by mercury have not much to do. Apart from the fact that a large part of the lamps is simply thrown in the trash, even if they are properly disposed of as hazardous waste, is far from being a repository for disposal.
Of course, there is no shortage of criticism over this documentary. It would involve a "propaganda" to "EU-skepticism," a confusion of consumers. If confirmed, the EU enacted, if hired by industry experts, the "safety", then the people have to accept this kindly.
The film is first-rate research, shows examples of verifiable and experienced professionals can have their say. He was produced with support from the Austrian state broadcaster ORF . And a very positive review in early June was the world public. How seriously the warnings should be taken, it must decide the viewers themselves. Will disappear as an alternative to conventional light bulbs by EU diktat from the market completely, these are - to say the least - an impertinence. 


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