20 Jun 2012

Hero: Israeli citizen gives up citizenship - applying for Palestinian residency in protest against the Israel Nazi Gulag

24 year old Andrey Pshenichnikov is in the French capital with a purpose that goes beyond tourism.

This is his passport, the one he wants to renounce. In the past, some Israelis have managed to get their citizenship revoked, but there are no known cases of these Israelis applying for Palestinian residency or a Palestinian passport.

Born in Tajikistan before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Andrey Pshenichnikov's parents moved to Russia in search of a better life.

And then the family moved to Israel.

It took only a little while before he discovered the darker side of his new country.

This experience influenced his years as a soldier of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Instead, Andrey Pshenichnikov lived and worked at the Deheishe Refugee Camp near Bethlehem, first in hotels and then in construction.

He is also open to the idea of settling down in Gaza.

Andrey Pshenichnikov says Israeli authorities have black listed him as a terrorist.

And he believes, it's easier to give up his citizenship when he's out of Israel.

He hopes, his decision will set an example and inspire others to follow.

The process to renounce his citizenship could be a lengthy one, one that Andrey Pshenichnikov says he is willing to face. Source

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