11 Jun 2012

UK Queen's Diamond Jubilee - The Real Deal - 'Consorting with mass murderers'

Tens of thousands of people jammed the streets of London to take part in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. There were street parties, a church service and the usual concerts. "But it all turned out sour when some of the Stewards were unemployed people who were forced to take part for nothing or lose their benefits and they had to find their own accommodation, which given their impoverished state, was likely to be a park or under a bridge and often it was," says George Galloway. 
On Tuesday, the Queen greeted Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa whose troops are accused by the United Nations of killing thousands of Tamil civilians in the closing stages of the 30 year civil war. Britain has an extremely lopsided relationship with the United States when it comes to the law and particularly extradition treaties. There have been several high profile cases of Britain extradited to the US, alleged crimes committed in this country, but targeted at America but not one American citizen has been extradited to Britain for alleged defenses committed on US soil. Source

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