1 Jul 2012

Ellis Martin Report with David Morgan and Paul Mladjenovic - Obamacare and The New Amerika

Ellis Martin Interviews Economists and Precious Metals Experts David Morgan and Paul Mladjenovic. Mr. Mladenovic and Mr. Morgan discuss Obamacare and a socialistic centralized government dictating American economic policy as compared to the failed policy dictates in the former Communisty Bloc of Eastern Europe. Mr. Mladjenovic and his family are from what was once Yugoslavia. David Morgan the Silver Guru, is an expert on money, metals and mining....also a lecturer and an author... Mr. Morgan has written Get the Skinny on Silver Investing, available on Amazon.com. His website is TheMorganReport.com Today he brings an esteemed colleague of his to the show, Paul Mladjenovic. Mr. Mladjenovic is a Certified Financial Planner, writer, speaker and author of Stock Investing for Dummies as well as other books.
His website is ravingcapitalist.com. He host business and financial seminars as well as tutorials that you can find linked on the website. Source

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