18 Jul 2012

Ecuador, Wikileaks & London Olympics - by Banned in UK Press TV

The Latin American nation of Ecuador has been on the news recently as the stand-off between British police continues surround the Ecuadorian embassy in London hoping that the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will come out. Before Ecuador's ambassador flew back to her country to speak to President Rafael Correa, Afshin Rattansi talked to her about the North American attempts in destabilizing their country that is fighting Washington's consensus.

In this episode, Afshin also interviews the rich republican contender Mitt Romney to talk about his future plans for the US presidency. In the special section of this edition of the show called the People of Britain, Double Standard's correspondent Lester Square, based outside the London Stock Exchange, tries to get the views of the people of Britain on 'Tax on Air in Britain' and the 'eBay sponsoring House of Lords.'

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